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Lifting Whilst on Muscle Relaxants?


I messed up my lower back pouring concrete on the weekend and as a result I had to get a prescription for some muscle relaxants. The doctor gave me enough for ten days. One kind is for the day and the other is for sleeping.

I've never used these before. I just bought the e-book of 5/3/1 and was on my second wave.

I might still be able to do chest but thats about it I think. Still pretty shakey when I walk.

How do these kind of pills affect lifting?...should I just wait till my back feels better or wait untill the prescription runs out and do fuck all till then regardless of how my back feels.



If you fucked up your back then I'd think not doing any squats or deads (or OHP for that matter) would be a good idea.

let your body heal 100% before you continue. don't be as stubborn as some of us (i.e. ME)

good luck man! be smart!


Agree 100%

If you HAVE to train, do stuff that avoids any back work at all. This includes military press, rows, squats, deads, etc etc.

I would just do some biking and arm exercises.


Dont bother exercising at all,If your anything like me one thing leads to another and before you know it you will be going for a new one rep max!
Let yourself recover, chill out stick to a good diet your body WILL thank you for it.


I have for some months now often been taking cyclobenzaprine (I don't know a trade name for it), which works the same way as carisoprodol (Soma.) I don't have muscle spasms, which is the label use for cyclobenzaprine, but I do often have muscle pain problems, probably related to some of them being chronically over-tense, and so was prescribed this.

I usually take a little less than the lanel amount: two per day rather than three.

I had at first been concerned that this would adversely affect lifting, particularly at higher percent 1RM (85-90%) but that didn't prove to be the case.

However, I've never taken them to where I was anything like shaky when walking or in any way having the slightest impairment. The only side effect, besides some reduction in muscle pain, was aiding sleep.

As noted by others, your situation isn't just what effect the muscle relaxants may have on lifting, but have an injury situation. Failing to let that heal could set you back over time far, far more than any changes -- even a total layoff -- in your routine might do temporarily.


i hurt my back and didnt' let it heal 100% and it put me back a good 6-8 months. don't do what i did, be smart. (yes i just called myself stupid)


Thanks for the input guys...It's to late as far as being smart lol. I helped a neihbor put in some posts last thursday night. Friday felt tight but okay. So saturday morning I got up early to do my 5/3/1 back,only DL's no assc, second warm-up set I strained it pretty good but kept going cause thats what the big dudes do...could barely load the plates.

Then the real work started...poured concrete all day for my new front porch and my neihbors posts. Fiftey fuckin wheel-barrow loads with a bad back, had help from my wife and son though.

Sunday was bad. Monday was worse. Went to the doc ans she prescribed Celebrex/celecxib/200mg.

I'm going to take the advice I got here and take it easy till it heals, maybe just do the hill climbs as out lined in the 5/3/1/ book, listen to what my body tells me. I'm just dissapointed that I just started 5/3/1 and now I gotta start over. Could be worse...no buldging disc so thats good...can't imagine what that feels like.

Thanks again