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Lifting While Swimming 3x/Wk

sup guys

im 21 years old i was in 265 pounds then i start to swim and now im 230, i wanna get back to gym but i dont wanna leave the swim team what i can do? i wanna go to the gym 3 times weekly and swim 3 times too, i need a gym routine cuase dont wanna overworks my muscles so any help?

You just have to eat.

I personally stick to heavy, lower rep work when in a largely aerobic sport. It will burn fewer calories.

I juggled soccer, swimming and lifting through highschool and still made gains. Although I would quit lifting during the overlap where I had both soccer and swim practice.

When are you swimming in the week? How long? How much VO2 work do you do? What times are you getting? I try to not to swim and gym on the same day. if I do I eat a lot. I mean a lot. Eat tons of carbs before you train and make sure you’re necking down tons of lucozade/gatorade.

Try to leave at least a day between working your chest/triceps/lats and swimming unless you want to sink like a stone. Been there many times before

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