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Lifting While Sick?

Need some quick advise. I just started back in the gym (2 weeks)ago and I took Saturday and Sunday off because I wasn’t feeling well. I am still feeling under the weather and have low energy. So now I am undecided do I go and lift anyway or just wait one more day and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow? Thx!

No lifting.

Some light cardio perhaps, but don’t push yourself there either.

Ummm… taking one day off to get better isn’t going to kill you or destroy your dreams.

Just do it.

Here’s some advice. Don’t spread your germs. Stay home for a few days.

besides, they say to take a week off every so often if you are lifting all the time. i took a few weeks off to go to ireland and england and just yesterday my squat went up 45 pounds lol. only been back at it for a little over a week. enjoy your time off lazing around the house. :slight_smile:

Thx for the advise. Looks like I will sit this one out.

sometimes when i’m feelin rundown (stuffy nose etc) i still goto the gym and i feel like it helps a bit. if you have no energy though i think its a waste of time.

Take a look at this-