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Lifting While Sick


whats up all:

whats your opinions about exercising when your ill. I have flu like symptoms over the past week, missed 2 training days and am getting a little nuts. What is your barometer on whether u should hit the gym or not. I generally take the neck test but that doesent always work.

I am one of those types that hates missing days as I am sure many of you are. I have made the mistake of working out when I know I shouldnt, but this query isnt for those times, its for those times when your simply sick with a cold, not horrible but not good.



I won't do it unless I'm coming out of it already - I'm one of those people who will typically get worse if I do anything besides sleep for a day or so.


If I feel like shit, I don't lift. No point really, you're taxing your system, and making it unnecessarily harder on your body. Sometimes I'll hit the gym sick, warm up, and if I don't 'feel it', I'll do some easy sets on a main lift and get the fuck out.
Stuff like this really requires you to listen to your body and make a reasonable decision (then again, sometimes the only way to do that is to make a mistake or two).
Either way, nothing wrong with taking the week off, your muscle's not going to evaporate from a case of the sniffles if you eat and sleep right.


Flu = sleep

Runny nose = lift


Ya, it really depends on how sick I am. I usually will go unless I have the flu or some sickness that really effects my body in such a way that I will not be physically able to put up as heavy weights as usual. A common cold, sore throat, etc will not keep me from lifting. I think there has been an article about this.


Yeah there should be, Im going to go today, I have basically slept all weekend, feeling OK. The problem is not when I know there is no way I should be going, full blown flu or bad infection, its the in between kind of shit. But Well see thanks all, I will also do a search


I think it's bad manners to go and rub your virus-coated hands all over the bars.


If I push myself to workout through sickness, that sickness usually extends to 3 weeks instead of a couple of days. .


i decided to go to the gym today, getting past the flu, worst idea ive had in a while. I thought i could then i got there did 2 exercises and felt sick to my stomach. came home and now i cant even eat anything. damnit. just play it smart and listen to your body.


i think it depends on the person. I was sick all last week and went to the as usual and besides the enormous amounts of sweat while training i felt better within a couple of days. I reference that because last month i was sick with the same type of sickness (congested, sore throat, sneezing) and stayed out of the gym and the clod/flu seemed to linger for weeks. I feel like training when sick is beneficiall because you get your sweat game on and raise your body temp which helps kill the infection/virus/bacteria. My creed is if can get out of bed i can go to the gym.


It's probably those assholes that got me sick in the first place. They can have their snot back.


I can't remember getting more than a runny nose since I started lifting and eating right.


Besides, anyone who considers equipment in public gyms to be at all sanitary deserves to get sick.

I make a point to not touch my eyes/lips with my hands while lifting, and I wash my hands before leaving, as well.




yeah i was the same way until i started dating an er nurse who brings home all types of wonderful sicknesses


so true


While having a healthy lifestyle and exercising surely help with your constitution and have helped me, my healthy lifestyle cannot help me with my unhealthy profession and constant dealings with the public which are unfortunately for the most part unhealthy.


Depends how seriously ill you are. I think if you can lift you should, but if you feel too bad you are best just recovering. If it is a bit of a cold I will definitely not miss training for it even if hinders performance slightly.