Lifting Visualization

Just wondering what people do to motivate themselves during the lift. Listening to music really doesn’t do it for me after I hear the same playlist over and over. What I’ve found that helps me sometimes is to just imagine the lift right before I go into it. It has also helped a ton on my olympic lifts form. So what do yall do

i grunt (a long one not little ones :wink: and clap… but im usually thinking about jumping/dunking when im lifting… i try to tie that endocrine/emotional response into increasing my jumping.


Imagine people I know are yelling at me. I’ve been finding my ipod has become more of a distraction lately.

I concentrate for a long time, and then I give it my all. You got to have a positive mindset. If you know you are going to make the lift, you know you are going to. If you are not 100% sure, give your best anyway.