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Lifting-Use Fitness Gloves or Not?


Is there any reason to resort to messy chalk and hard to use tape, or can I keep using my pretty, stylish fitness gloves with built in velcro wrist guards?

Seriously, can we Stop The Madness with the Racarnus MaxiPad thread? The thread is feeding his ego despite endless flaming and legitimate advice. It is infecting other people and other threads, like a virus. I have become a vector myself.

Can we just construct a Recycle Bin for bad threads and have a one click solution? Maybe we could use the rating system, and if a thread gets a half star and it stays a half star for a week, it's toast? Have TC build in an auto-destuct/spontaneous combustion feature?? Doc


I just read the first sentence of your post originally, and my blood pressure sky rocketed.


Not really a good idea. Slashdot has a similar feature, and we all know how that turned out. Why copy failed designs?

I have a better solution: Don't want to read it? Don't click on it. This however requires a level of personal restraint so it will most likely fail.

Also don't create threads like this. They don't help. In fact, this thread could become worse than the original one.



You scared the hell out of me there with that first sentence. Whew. Messy chalk hahaha. When people say "you need more vitamin C." I say "Chalk? Vitamin Chalk (capital C)?"



Racarnus, I have no desire to engage you in a flame war, even though you just insulted me. I think your thread is a bad thing, and this was my way of saying it.
I will now show you how to do two two things:
1. I will not insult you back or be defensive.
2. I will never, ever, post on this thread again. It should therefore die within a week at most as long as you don't engage others on it. If you truly want your thread to die as well, you can follow my example.


Respect. We should all learn from you.

Did I insult you? I didn't mean to. Sorry. I thought I was insulting your idea rather than you as a person.

You say my thread is a bad thing. You might be right. I agree with you that for a forum struggling with a growing image in the online community as being aggressive, condescending, and bellicose, it isn't a good thing. But regardless of whether it's a good thing or bad thing, it's certainly not a new thing.

However, this thread (for the time being) isn't a bad thing, there's no pressing need to bury it, provided everyone remains civil.


not really image-yet thats all you see- people told you the real reasons to why your idea was bad yet you refused to look at it. Obviously you know everything and shouldn't take advice from others?

He is just saying its pointless to try and help people like you who are so stubborn.


Shizen, I mean this in the most gentle way: You don't make any sense.

What idea? I didn't have an idea. I had a question. This makes no sense.

If you can't be bothered to read, don't post. I said early in the thread that the many people argued rather convincingly that it's better to go without the pad and that I'd be giving the naked bar another shot.

The thread was me seeking advice. You make no sense here.

LOL. That's not what he's saying. That's what you're saying.


The idea of using a pad being better then no pad. You came in assuming its just a macho thing not to use the pad, bashing the readers of this site right off the bat.

If you had your answer then why did you continue to just thread shit, instead of let it die?

Even though people gave you good advice you just kept bashing others for no good reason

Did you read the first post of this thread? Obviously not LOL.

Maybe now you can stop being stubborn and actually try to comprehend what others are saying to you instead of only seeing what you want to see.



You scared the hell out of me there with that first sentence. Whew. Messy chalk hahaha. When people say "you need more vitamin C." I say "Chalk? Vitamin Chalk (capital C)?"

-chrispital C)?"



Now you're just being silly. The OP didn't say anything about whether I was stubborn and he didn't say it anything about whether it's "pointless" to try to help. You're full of shit. No offense. I like you, even if you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. :slight_smile: