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Lifting Twice a Week, Caloric Intake?

I finished uni last month and started working. Due to my work schedule and other commitments I only workout twice a week (besides my morning runs). These are full body sessions and the goal is to build a bit of muscle while staying in shape (keeping bf levels within reason - sub 15%).

I asked for a good program on the forums here and a couple of guys came up with a really good one, at least in my opinion (I’m making progress and enjoying my time in the gym - staying injury free which was always an issue before), so I’m happy with that.

Now I’m not sure how setup my diet plan in terms of calories. I w/o Monday and Thursday. Should I be in a consistent surplus or cycle my calories? My job is 50% sedentary, 50% walking around, I’m 6ft 160lbs 25y/o so my TDEE is +/- 2200-2300 calories a day (not calculated, but measured by tracking consistently).


Either works and the difference in results is probably less than you think. I would do what’s easiest to maintain.

So: net weekly caloric intake > daily intake?

I was planning on eating 2.5k everyday and see what happens after a few weeks

Exactly. You could try that, and adjust week from week