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Lifting to Maintain


If I decided to focus my training on one particular lift say squat, what kind of work would be appropriate to maintain my other lifts? Is it as simple reducing my volume to something like 3x3?


Why would you do this?


how would a 3x3 REDUCE your volume? need more details on what you're trying to accomplish


I would think it would be a good idea to look up the HSS-100 Specialization-program and see what he does for maintaince of the other bodyparts.
It is (on his Chest Spez):

Tuesday ? Quads/Hamstrings/Calves (low volume)

Saturday ? Back/Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps (low volume)

"As we mentioned in the previous specialization articles, the non-targeted muscle groups (anything but pectorals in this program) are trained using a low volume of work: one or two exercises for three sets per muscle group is enough to avoid losing what you have and even gain some if you work hard enough on those 3-6 sets."

And then 3 days with Chest every week.

I hope this helped :slight_smile:


In general yes lift heavy lift brief. Work HARD but lower the total; volume of the rest of you



I was reading Mike Robertson's article on 5x5 for squat.


He talked about focusing on one lift while maintain the others. I was just curious what exactly maintaining meant. I had a feeling that it was just a reduction in volume for the "other lifts" and I was particularly interesting what kind of set/rep scheme would adequate.


Ahh. I see. I jumped to the conclusion that you were talking about doing a full 3x3 program for squat/dead/bench at the same time. I suppose there is nothing wrong with just doing a 5x5 for a squat or a 3x3 for dead or whatever and marginalizing the other lifts, though if that's your approach im not sure 3x3 is really designed to work in that manner.

My understanding is that korte designed the program so the volume of each lift is complimentary to the volume for the other two. So eliminating or minimizing 2 of the lifts seems like it would leave you with too little volume on the first lift to really be effective. Im no expert but I've used korte a few times before and that's my understanding of the program.

My advice would be if you did a 3x3 program for one lift like the squat then maybe tweak the rep scheme a bit. Then for the other two lifts do a similar rep scheme but only work those lifts once a week as opposed to the 3 times a week for the squat. So the daily rep schemes will be similar for each lift but the weekly volume will be different. that's my 2 cents