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Lifting Tired


just curious to hear what any of you prefer to do on a day you might be feeling kinda tired. some days i dont feel 100% cause of work and school so im wondering if its counter productive to lift this way, or to just bang it out anyways. im also talking assuming your workout could stay the same as far as weight and such. regardless of that fact does it have any negative effect on your body lifting tired?


I give myself 10 mins. If I'm not feeling it, then I won't workout. Usually at that mark your body will either respond and be ready to go, or it will be run down and it's a sign to take a day off.

It doesn't happen often, in fact the only time in the past year that I recall that happening was the other day doing legs with a toothache. And that was really only because working out caused it to throb.


If you have like an hour or so, take a nap sometime before your workout. When I do this I get a major boost.

Or you can just take a Spike before your workout. Normally when I work out tired I feel more energized after a good warmup or the first few sets.


You have to know yourself well enough to weed out the bullshit excuses. On Sunday I had one of those rare "I can't even imagine lifting heavy shit off the floor" days. But I don't trust myself so I went anyway. I knew I was in bad shape when I unevenly loaded the bar and didn't notice until my back started yelling at me five minutes later. So I said, "fuck it," did some good mornings instead of what I had planned and got out of there.


yeah i feel you guys on trying these things and finding out whether you really are able to go. i DO actually try to get a nap in or drink something before hand when i can. but what i mean really is does lifting like this have some effect on the body? it obviously could effect your workout performance, but literally as far being counterproductive, is there any possibility?


Sure, if your body truly is not up to working out due to being overly fatigued or other reasons, a hard workout might well just compound the trouble and is unlikely to give any gains. Time for an unplanned rest day.

However, as said above, it's vital to be sure that bullshit excuses don't cause this. It should be rare and definitely legit.


Squats and Milk


Pretty well said. If it's your body that's drained I'd take the day off. If your mind is just wandering and you're just thinking of excuses simply suck it up and go. There's been times where I've made an attempt to go and couldn't get my mind right and left but that's usually followed up by me coming back later in the day and getting my work done...


I have been in the middle of my workout or in the middle of warming up and decided I was too tired to lift and went home on a couple of occasions. Sometimes it is better to get some much-needed rest.

With that said, I generally am never tired to the point where I cannot train.


My body is really good at trying to fool me. Many times my best workouts are days where I feel fatigued before I start.


My body is really good at trying to fool me. Many times my best workouts are days where I feel fatigued before I start.


One of the things you gotta teach yourself is to be productive even when you aren't feeling 100%.

There might be times when just bagging it and going home are more productive than trying to workout. Lets say your can normally bench 250X5, but you miss 205 on your warm-up. Stuff like this should be pretty fucking rare, but when it happens just go home. You won't be able to inflict enough damage to cause a training effect but you could still run yourself into the ground and fuck up future workouts.

Most of the time you just need to crank up the Rage Against the Machine and tell yourself it's time to grow or die.


generally i'll still go do some warm ups put on three days grace - animal i've become if things don't pick up I'll generally just do things I usually don't do i.e instead of doing bb bench press give db bench press a go...


being tired is an indication from your body that maybe you should take it easy, albeit, you have been training on a consistent basis.

if you had a good nights rest, ate well, and you're still tired, i say relax.


Stop being a pussy. Just Do It.


I agree with Der Candy. Mind over matter.

Tired, overtrained and sick today. Felt like absolute shit.

Anyway, I just plowed through my workout. It took a lot of determination but I got through my regular workout just fine, adding weight or reps on all exercises from last time.

The only real side-effect was, I almost projectile vomited my SURGE Workout Fuel towards the end of the workout.. Don't know why, but I felt a lot more full than usual.


You're not always going to have a great session every time you hit the gym, if you're about to fall asleep on the bench then maybe you should be giving it a miss. However if you are just yawning a little and had a big day I often found that with myself I tended to actually be full of energy after my workout.




drink some goddamn green tea or get some damn caffeine, shut the fuck up and get it done


It happens... just don't go as hard... but get'r done....