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Lifting Three Consecutive Days


Ok so my schedule allows for me to lift Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Can I work the same body parts on Tuesday and Thursday? Is that enough recovery time between workouts? I’m 54 and in very good shape for my advanced age! Been lifting for about 18 months three times per week. Thanks.


54 is an advanced age? Oh dear. I think, like, 87 is an advanced age.

Regarding the training, give it a try and see how your body responds. I can repeat upper body with only one day rest but need more time if I’m squatting or DLing.

Are you training for anything specific?


Lol. I’m not training for anything specific. Just want to stay tone and fit. Maybe add some muscle but not looking for big gains. I just don’t want to do anything that will set me back. Seems like benching on say Tuesday and Thursday might be too much.


Just do it! If it doesn’t work out for you, try to find another way.

I think nutrition could play a role in here, if you eat well and get enough energy out of it you might be able to do it. Also make sure you get enough rest to recover, etc. and split muscle groups well.

Good luck! I’m sure you can do it


I have no business giving advice: so here goes! with all the disclaimers, I don’t know you, your med/injury history, ability, goals, blah blah blah. And if I did it wouldn’t matter anyway…

I’m 56 so that’s my credential for weighing in… pretty weak huh? . If you are going to do upper on Tues/Thurs you may want to consider using “same but different” approach. For example if Tues is heavy low rep flat BB bench, make Thurs Incline DB lighter with more reps… or make Thursday an MP day Having slightly different stressors may help recovery. Experimenting is the best way forward.

Good luck


I’m also probably not the best to give advice on this since I’m 18 years away from knowing what 54 feels like, but I’ll toss an idea out for you.

If I were limited to lifting on those days I would be running a full body program, lifting on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If one of the days is particularly hard, do it on Thursday. That gives you a full day of rest between each lifting day, with two between Thursday and Sunday. If you’re dead-set on doing something on Wednesday, do active recovery and/or conditioning.

Simple squat/push/pull 3 days/week worked great for me.


^I agree. Really important to get that rest day in between. CT had an article on that somewhere on this site; he said 4 workout days would be a great workout scheme if they were Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. Timing seemed more important than exercise choice. Something about Monday being a let down if one had two consecutive days of rest.


I really appreciate all the replies. I just have a feeling that going three days in a row will cause more problems than it’s worth. Right now I go Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I split the workouts like this…Back and shoulders on one day and chest and arms on another day. Long story short I have a disability which prevents most leg exercises so I do some light machine lifts and use the prowler sled.


Id say three days a week is your best bet at the moment…Cant say for certain since recovery is such a individual thing with allot of factors playing into it.