Lifting Tempo/Rest Pause

Hi Coach!

  1. Which of these is best for strength in compound lifts:
    I master the lifts, doing 5x5 squats,bench press, barbell row, overhead press, deadlift, if you can say what is best tempo for this lifts?

  2. Maybe stupid question, in Strong Lifts 5x5 if you dont do all sets and reps you repeate same weight next workout, my question is can i do something like Rest Pausa, lets say i do:
    First set 5
    Second set 5
    Third set 5
    Fourth set5
    Fifth set 3 now can i rest 20 sec. and do X reps, rest 20 sec. do X reps. Will that help mi to increase wight in next workout instead working same weight?

There is no best tempo for strength development.

  1. Each has its own set of benefit

  2. You are focusing on minutia… while 40X0 and 10X0 will have a different training effect 10X0 and 20X0 will be pretty much the same, for example

  3. I NEVER recommend counting tempo… period… much less when lifting heavy weights, just focus on lifting heavy weight, not on counting

My recommendation is if strength is your goal, whatever repetition style that allows you to lift the most weight is the way you should do most of your sets.

Slow eccentrics and stato-dynamic reps have their purpose in a strength cycle. They should be used in the early phase(s) of the cycle, mostly to improve technical efficiency, improve stability and rigidity and also help with tendon development.

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You can, but if you do that it doesn’t count as a completed workout. By that I mean that in 5 x 5, you add weight once you can complete all 5 sets of 5 reps with the same weight. If you had to resort to a rest/pause, you did not complete 5 clean sets of 5.

See it this way: if you had to resort to rest/pause to complete the workout it means that you are not yet strong enough for that load… so you are certainly not strong enough to justify adding weight at your next workout.

Will doing the rest/pause give you more strength gains than stopping at 3 reps? Maybe. But it will be a VERY small difference. Certainly not one that can get you strong enough for adding weight at the next session because you were not even strong enough to complete your current session.

For example, if you had to resort to using a rest/pause to finish 400lbs for 5 x 5, it means that you are not yet strong enough to do 400lbs for 5 x 5… doing the rest/pause might help you get strong enough to be able to get a clean 5 x 5 at 400 for your next session, but not enough to go up to 405-410 for 5 x 5 for your next workout.

This means that you would NOT increase the weight for your next workout. You only increase the weight when you can get 5 clean sets of 5. And ideally, only when you get the 5 x 5 with some in reserve.

You cannot rush strength gains. If you add weight to the bar when the body is not ready for that new load, you’ll use compensations or poor form and over time this can actually lead to your performances going backwards.

The no.1 reason why people are failing to get stronger is being impatient to get strong.


Ok, Thanks Coach

One more question what do you think of doeing Mathew Zlats program it for calisthenic workout but he do squats as well after Strong Lifts before Texas Method or Madcow.
3x5-8 if you do in last set:
8reps add 4 kg
7reps add 2 kg
6reps add 1 kg
5reps add 0.5 kg

I have no idea who he is and what the program is like

And I’m all for answering questions about methods of training. But I don’t like to discuss other people’s programs, especially whey they include Frankesteining two different approaches

if i will be Too much “patient” , how to know when to add weight to the bar ?
every workout is not the same feeling and energy level, the recovery is not linear process?