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Lifting Straps


I can't work out how to use straps. I heard they should go counter-the-grip, right? That's fine, but lining up to pull for a new 5RM alone, they don't work. When one hand is strapped, it can't strap up the other hand! I tried to get a mate to help but even in that instance it was shit, my grip just couldn't hold the strap on. Work the grip, right? I will, but in the meantime my legs and back want a quicker solution, they're getting left-out.

My grip's my weak part. Small hands. This is very frustrating since i locked out 20kg more than previous, but my grip caused me to drop on rep #4.

Is there an alternative you could recommend? like some kind of rugged hook you can attach to your wrist? Cheers



Good vid Brant.

Here's another one of someone actually using straps during actual training. Notice how after he gets the straps wrapped around the bar he takes up the extra slack. It also shouldn't take a great deal of strength to hold the straps in place. Friction does the majority of work for you, all you're doing really is increasing friction (through your grip) to prevent the strap from unwrapping.


Cheers for the video links. I upped my lift a lot, I doubt i'll pull without straps ever again! The problem was that i was wrapping the straps too tightly, they were taut, and effectively i was just still holding on with my grip, with some fabric tied to me also (that wasn't doing shit).

Cheers again


Good tools, but don't get too dependent on them or they'll cost you your grip strength.


It might be me, but I didn't understand that!