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Lifting Straps


I have been tearing strap after strap with high pulls and snatches lately. You recommend Schiek leather straps, correct? Have they lasted you a good amount of time? Are they durable for the high impact of explosive pulling? I have tore several Rogue leather straps and several cheaper cotton ones. I would like to buy a pair of double stitched straps but they make the bar so damn thick.


I love my Ironmind straps.



I heart my spud inc straps, not broken them yet.


When I was in Colorado and did high pulls every single day for 3 weeks, going between 315 and 400 on all days, not to mention low pulls that were much heavier than that, the straps held fine and are still solid to this day.

I used to tear a lot of straps but found that when I wear them with the part of the strap that you roll around the bar being angled the same way as the thumb it is much less likely to tear apart.


same as thumb?
open hand thumb, or hook grip thumb?
from the pinky towards the thumb?
outside in?


When the hand is open, thumb pointing out, strap in same direction


FWIW, I had a super cheap pair of fabric straps I got in high school I used for about 8 months with the layers, that finally tore about a couple weeks ago, at which point I also purchased the same straps CT uses. I had always wrapped with the same angle as the thumb, so that is great advice.

The Schiek straps feel very durable, though they do take time to break in as well. Just my 2 cents.


great. thats what ive been doing, it felt more comfortable that way.
the sheik straps are great! very comfortable. in the past whenever i used straps, i thought i had to wrap the whole thing around the bar. what a pain.
then when i saw ct's video, he had 1 wrap and done. now, i'm addicted to the straps when doing hi pulls! even with the smooth worn out bars.