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Lifting Straps

My lifting straps finally gave out on me yesterday, so I need to order a new pair. Can anyone recommend a good place online to order them? I’d prefer to buy the heavy duty canvas type that have padding. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ironmind.com has the best straps, both kinds.

Hate to disagree with you, Vman, but I bought Ironmind’s straps and you can keep them (don’t get me wrong…I’m a huge Ironmind fan). I’ve since bought an ingenious pair from Dave Tate’s website (Elite??)…it has a velcro wrist closure, and the strap itself is thick, padded canvas similar to a karate belt. For my money, far better than Ironmind’s.

My favorites are made by Schiek Sports (Google search), padded with a plastic dowel-type piece in the ends for your fingers to grip on. Plus, they are washable and guaranteed. I buy all my gloves, straps and belts there.

I don’t suppose this will be any good to you guys ‘over the pond’ but the UK company Maximuscle.Com does some excellent ‘power grips’, i’d say they are approx US$20 - $25. Fantastic things, can be used as straps and like gloves depending on the way you wear them, very strong as well.

Start using your hands to hold the weight. If you can’t hold the weight, you have no right to be lifting it. It took me a while to really get this, but now that I ditched the straps I’m happy I did. Maybe that last heavy set of deadlifts would be a good exception, though.