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Lifting Straps for Certain Exercices


just wondering if anyone thinks it would be extremely detrimental to my regular deadlift or grip in general if i used lifting straps for the stiff legged deadlift. and if anyone cares to share what lifts they use straps for, if any.


No, it wouldn't. Use straps on the heaviest sets of your pulling exercises in cases where your grip would give out before you fatigue the target muscle.


thanks a lot man, from what your profile pic shows you have great back development so im happy to take your advice.


If you don't compete in Power or Olympic lifting, then absolutely use straps.

I use them for all sorts of pulling exercises, even higher rep pulldowns, not just my heaviest sets. By not having to worry about your grip giving out, you can focus more on the back muscles doing the work. This is one of the most common missing links in most people's back training (especially the lats)

In fact, I hardly grip the bar at all and act as if my hands are just extensions of my arms. This creates a more focused pulling angle and allows you to pull with your back.

Anytime you squeeze a bar tightly, the lower arms (and upper arms to an extent) will contribute significantly to the overall pull effort.

If you're worried about grip...work it separately.

BTW....SDL's are one of those exercises where bar position is of great importance. If your grip gives out or weakens during the movement, the bar can roll in your hands which can increase lumbar stress. Using straps will allow you to focus on hip movement, bar position, and pulling with your hamstrings.


If its just deadlifts have you ever tried using chalk? That really helped with mine it feels like the bar is attached to my hands and brought out new weak points. Straps are fine too for BB purposes.


Using straps doesn't make your grip weaker, it just removes the stimulus for development. Your grip strength will stay the same while everything else gets stronger.

I use straps for all pulling exercises due to arthritis in my hands, and have a major lack of forearm development as a result. I don't know why anyone would want to use straps if they didn't have to. I sure as hell wouldn't.


That shouldn't be a problem if you're only using straps on the sets where your grip would give out before you fatigue the muscle you're trying to train. Over time that threshold should get higher and higher and you should still be developing your grip strength. (Just speaking in general)


Agreed. It's not an all or nothing approach. Use them when they will make a difference, and don't if they won't....it's not that complicated.