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Lifting Split Advice

I recently got my knee checked out because it was bothering me for a couple months and it looks like I wont be doing anything lower body for the next couple months.

I just started the Get Shredded Diet today coming off of a bulk for 6 months. I’m performing 10 x 3 for fat loss but obviously unable to perform squats/deadlifts.

Any recommendation on the splits during the week for upper body? Right now I am just adding in more volume for my upper body muscle groups. I lift mon, tues, thur and fri.

I’m also limited to cardio, easy pace cycling is about all I’m suppost to be doing, no jumprope, sprints, jogging etc.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

What was the diagnosis on your knee? Can you do any bodyweight movements? What about mobility work?

Lifting only upper body 4 days a week is rather harsh i think, even if ur doing a split…i tore my ACL and had reconstructive surgery on it about a year a half ago and coming back i was only able to do upper body also…i started with a 4 day a week workout and felt shot, and since ur doin the GSD its really going to take its toll on your mind, and body…thats my 2 cents anway, because i did both the GSD and the whole no lower body stuff for a while…soo take it or leave it, but from personal experience id go down to 3 days a week…good luck bro, with the lifting and GSD its a bitch of a diet but works phenomenal

[quote]Doug Adams wrote:
What was the diagnosis on your knee? Can you do any bodyweight movements? What about mobility work?[/quote]

I have patella femoral syndrome. I received a cortizone shot two days ago and was told not to start physical theropy for a week to let the inflammation dumb down. I’m scheduled for PT once a week I think? Idk what he’ll have me be doing. He said my hamstrings were extremely tight he could only get my leg 45 degrees on my bad leg and 60 on my other. He said it should be close to 80 degrees easily for an average person.

As for the diet, ya I figured it would work well. I never have a problem following a diet, I’m excited to be on it.