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Lifting Slump


I was wondering if someone could give me some advice as to why I am on such a slump. I have been lifting very serious for the past 2 years.
- When I first started lifting I was dumb and did every body part everyday. The thing was...I had these insane lifts with insane energy.

  • Now everything is cut and dry. I do certain body parts on certain days. Yet I havent had the same energy as of late. This problem has only been happening in the past week or so.

  • My diet is in check and I take the following supps: Whey post workout, creatine/no complex preworkout, creatine post. Whey blend whenever i need it.

  • Today was the final straw and I def. need some advice. I went to lift and was pumped. I went into the gym for my chest day..did two excercises and left. I couldnt do it! My body felt week and it was. I usually dumbell press 100's...i struggled with 85's!!!! I feel like I have had more bad lifts than good lifts as of late.

  • Can anyone give me some advice. Is it a change of supps? I used to take an M-stak with muscle milk. I just cant figure out where my energy/strength is going!


Have you taken any time off? Sounds like you're burned out.


I was/have been going through a very similar thing. You may want to check out my thread http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1772089

I got some good advice.


No I havent taken anytime off. I have been going hard since this summer. I took a week of in the summer but thats about it. I try to keep it strict and lift about 4-5 times a week. Im in college so I go to the rec center we have here.

Thing is..with our school we have a 7 week winter break and I dont have a gym membership anywhere. So I will basically be doing cardio for 7 weeks. I want to try and pack on as much muscle as possible before then.

  • Just got done with a shoulder/back day at the rec. Felt great as opossed to yesterday and what I posted. I am just so sick of these high and low days. Some days I go in (like yesterday) and cant lift anywhere near my usual weight and feel sluggish. Today I went in thinking it was going to happen again. I tore through the weights today. I dont get it.

  • Another thing is my CEE is about to run out. I was going to try and stay off it for like 2 weeks or so. How much is my lifting going to hurt from that? Also does anyone reccommend taking protein before bed? I did that like 4 weeks ago and I woke up feeling pumped. Its just kind of expensive being in college. I took Syntha-6 before bed.

  • Also what is everyones thoughts on NO? Ive been taking NO for about a year now. I see it as more of a placebo effect than anything. It also seems to thin me out a bit. What happens if i stop taking it?

  • I am 21, what supplements does everyone reccommend. I have tried about everything. Test boosters worked the best I thought but I dont want to ruin my system down the road so i dont take them anymore. Is protein/creatine ample enough? For some reason I am stuck on the idea that if I stop taking my usual supps..(no,cee,protein,etc.) that I will lose what I have gained. Im sure that is not the case, but i need convincing.

-Thanks everyone, let me know what you think!


Either over-trained or coming down with something or both.

You need to take some time off from time to time. You can't push hard 4-5 days a week for long periods of time.

Also have you been eating less? Reduced the carbs perhaps? I know my strength goes to shit when I lower carbs and/or calories too much.

How's sleep?

Anyways, I'd take a week off at least and reduce either volume or frequency when you get back.


also, it seems youre looking for a magic supplement. i doubt that switching supps has anything to do with what youre experiencing. although, depending on what you mean by "testosterone boosters" they could have something to do with it. im not sure why, at age 21, youve already been taking testosterone boosters. what exactly were you taking? and how recently was this?

if you dont have the money for a gym membership over winter break, why dont you stop wasting your money on the NitOx supplements, and there you go, youve got your gym membership for the month that youll be on break. i havent come across a gym yet that doesnt do special pricing for students, especially over winter and summer breaks. at the least, theyll let you have a month membership, even if it isnt at a discounted "student rate".

i think any of us that have been lifting with any kind of seriousness have days like this every now and then. as others have pointed out, it could be a variety of things. how about that the semester ends in a month and a half, maybe youre stressed about some of your grades...god knows i am.

i really would stop buying any supps youre buying besides whey and creatine. the whey you buy should be quality whey. it doesnt have to be the most expensive shit, just make sure its quality stuff and you are actually getting what the label is telling you youre getting. Grow! on here is excellent stuff, but if thats too expensive the GNC store brand is pretty good. as far as creatine goes, theres a lot of companies that sell shit at an astronomical price.

you need to realize for the most part that they can only succeed in doing this because they put a lot of money into marketing. they make you believe that their stuff is far superior, when in fact its not. i havent tried it, nor do i currently take creatine- for like yourself im in college and cant afford it right now- but, i would say that i know Biotest makes great products overall. i would take a chance on their creatine, as im sure its cheaper than whatever CEE product you have.


First off, I've yet to see any peer of mine(college age) who says their diet is in check, actually have one. Eat more, rest more, what does your training look like? How is your sleep stress school etc going? How long has this been happening

Give us a little more information and something might come to light.

7 weeks of just cardio will likely cause a lot of muscle loss, do something about it. A lot of gyms have college deals or let you pay monthly, but don't let nearly 2 months go by without giving your body a reason to keep and gain muscle.


Have you gained any weight lately? 9 out of 10 times I that plateau, it is because I am not eating enough, but if you have been going strong for like 3-4 months you probably just need a few days break. You don't even have to stop per say, just go in and crank out some supper light high reps stuff.


To answer questions above:

I have gained about 1 lbs or 2. The supps I take are very cheap but work very well.
$20 - NO monster (which i will no longer take due to advice)
$24 - CEE 3000 creatine
As well as a 5lb tub of 100% Whey (very standard)
Syntha-6, whey blend...is this necessary? Is any sort of casein/whey necessary?

School is stressful as of late as the quarter winds down. I still workout on top of it all obviously.

I looked into the discount gym membership and signed up for it as of today!! So my 7 weeks of break wont be wasted.

I eat a lot of chicken, eggs, brown rice, whole grains, etc.

The only time my diet takes a hit is on Friday nites and Saturdays due to alcohol. Since I am in college I have found ways to fight through it and I am not hurting that bad from it per say. However I know if i stopped my gains would be better...but I am in college.

Ive taken my cardio down to 2-3 times a week and do it after my workouts. I do the stairmaster or bike for 25 minutes so i dont strain too much.

Also another big question I have is can your body get used to the same amount of protein consumption day in and day out? I have been taking one shake of whey (24 grams of protein) immeditaly after a workout for a year now. Should I up the intake?

Does anyone take some sort of caffeine preworkout for a boost? I feel like I need a boost after sitting in class all day.