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lifting: sleepy?

howdy all, i was curious, every time i do cardio i get all energetic and hyper. But after i lift hard and then eat i get tired as hell. I dont understand it, does anyone know what makes this happen? thank you.

I am the same way. I have been doing GVT 2000 for the past week and a bit. After workouts, especially quad and chest/tri, I have my post work out drink go, go back to my room and fall asleep. I have about an hour nap. I feel this refreshes me for the rest of the day and aids in recovery. however, this is just based on personal opinion and results, hopefully you will get some other more scientific results. I guess I didn’t really answer your question, just wanted to let you know there was someone else out there like you and hoping another answer would help us both.
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I get tired as hell after a workout also. I think it has something to do with my postworkout shake. I’m usually tired the rest of the day after a workout, but don’t know why.