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Lifting Shoes

These good for lifting?




What are they? They look like driving shoes. I’m gonna tell you what most people are going to tell you: Get Chucks or Adidas Sambas.

I think so. I wear a pair of Pumas that are similar with just a little less sole than those. Basically just a hard piece of rubber for the sole. I love them.

Have you tried them on or just looked at the picture? If you haven’t tried them on, I would suggest doing so before you buy them.

I can’t tell but it looks like the sole MIGHT be squishy even though it is thin. If it is, I would pass.

These are what I wear. Look at these as well if you’re not set in stone already.


edit: These are as close to being barefoot as I have found. They are like wearing moccasins.

Can you do Power Cleans fairly well in Chuck Taylors? If my program has Squats/Deadlifts plus Power Cleans in the same session what is preferable to wear?

My friend has those. If I remember correctly they have a bit of a heel raise, so my vote would be no.

Everyone knows that Chuck Ts are phenominal, so why not just get them?