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Lifting Shoes!


Hey guys I need to purchase a new pair of lifting shoes...any info on the best place to order them from?

thanks in advance


buy chuck taylors.


Depends - what kind of lifting do you do?



Chuck Taylors for powerlifting style workouts.


Addidas superstars are goods for powerlifting too, but not if you're short.


Low-cut Chuck Taylors. Best lifting shoes (however unintentionally), and they come in nifty colors, too! :smiley:


Chucks work great but I still prefer my Air Jordan 1. If you have the money, weightlifting shoes are the best thing to get.




Go with the chucks, weightlifting shoes have stupid little heels on them that tip you forward and ruin your balance in the squat. Or, if you are lifting at home, nothing quite beats going barefoot.


There's nothing stupid about them if you OL.


Chuck Taylors


Black on black Chucky-T's. I call them my "Stealth Sneakers".
Cheap too ( and they can go through the washing machine).


Olympic lifters don't know crap about squat. They squat once a year!


just kidding. OLY shoes are great for squatting. The heal allows you to stay a bit more upright. If you watch videos from IPF world's, I would wager that the majority of lifters are squatting in olympic lifting shoes.

Your shoe choice will depend on what you want to do. My olympic lifting shoes are not the most comfortable. They are great for squatting and olympic lifts but I don't wear them around during other exercises. I keep them in my gym bag and switch my shoes when I need them.

If you are just looking for a versatile shoe that you can wear for your entire workout and also arrive at the gym wearing them, then get chucks.



Chuck T's!

They're stylish too!



Nice lift in the photo, but what are doing with those straps on your hands? :slight_smile:

Kidding you buddy, but I try never to wear those things.


Good God man tell me you don't wax?


You got me on that one ZEB. But that was back in August when I was still having grip issues with the bar before I had chalk (especially training in my garage in 100 degree + temps and sweating like crazy).

I'm now pulling 315 without wraps (only chalk) with ease. I topped out at 340 in November. And I'm doing rack pulls just below my knee with 365 for triples. Only chalk.

Will, no waxing. But I do trim my arms/legs once a month or so. I use the 1/8 guard. From a distance, it looks like I'm smooth and waxed/shaved. But up close, you can see the hair. I'm a hairy mofo. I can't stand letting it grow in. Don't worry, I'll be nice and trimmed when you see me in DC with my head freshly shaved too! :stuck_out_tongue: