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Lifting Shoes That are Too Big

i bought a pair of WL shoes off of ebay and it turns out they’re just a little too big for me. i bought size 10, 9.5 would probably be perfect.

i know squats should be unaffected by this size difference, but what about other lifts?

i can’t return them because the ebay seller has since de-activated his account (shady lol).

Go get some insoles.

That is why you always make sure your size is correct. Usually, most dress shoe sizing applies for weighlifting shoes(at least the adidas does). I normally wear a 10.5 nike and 11 in new balance, so the 10.5s worked well for my adidas weightlifting shoe.

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer and they can give you some good information!!!

[quote]dianab wrote:
Go get some insoles.[/quote]

my shoes come with insoles.

All shoes have insoles, I mean the type that are removable. Most shoe stores sell them, either fabric, foam or leather. For a half size difference, they should work well. And they keep your shoes from getting all stinky too, when they get worn and smelly, chuck then out and get a new pair.

Are they the Nike Romaleos? If so its extremely dangerous to lift in them and I request you send me the shoes immediately so I can track down the seller.

In all seriousness, it really depends how much bigger they are on your foot and if your foot is sliding around on the inside. As long as you’re stable and solid I wouldn’t be concerned too much.