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Lifting Shoes Recommendation?

Hey all,

I don’t compete in olympic lifting but perform many front squats and play around with high pulls and cleans. The front squat is the main lift in which I am concerned about improving. My max is currency 152kg. Previously I have been squatting barefoot. I have realized that the dorsiflexion in the bottom position of the lift makes me less comfortable in the hole. I tried front squatting with the smallest plates under my heal and it felt great. I felt like I could focus on being explosive rather than thinking about my ankles.

I have decided that I want to purchase lifting shoes. Could you recommend a lifting shoe? I want something that is not to expensive and will help with my squatting.


Whay do you consider not expensive?

I just bought the Adidas Powerlift .3 and I’m really happy with them. Amazon.

Super comfortable. I always wear a 7 and that was true of these. Totally worth it for my Oly lifting, and squats.

BUT they are my first pair so I don’t have anything to compare them to.

Ideally I would want to spend less than $100

On Oly shoes? That’s going to be tough. I’ve got the Nike Romaleos and they’re awesome ($170ish).

I got the Reebok Trainers off Amazon, but I watched for my size to be on sale for several months. They were normally $170, I got them for around $80.

got adipowers for 89$ they were on sale so i went with it, had them for 2+ years still good

I second the Nike Romaleos, I’ve had mine for almost 4 years now ( probably wear on average twice a week) and they are a tough and comfortable shoe. Yes they are pricy, but i’ve never had shoes hold up so well.

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Has anyone tried Adidas Powerlifts 2.0? Those cost $63 on Rogue Fitness

Adipowers or Adidas Powerlifts? Quite a huge difference there.

I have never worn “lifting shoes”. Used to wear nike reax but went to lifting bare foot. Is lifting bare foot safe? I have never seemed to have any problems with injury and have actually increased the depth of my BB squat both back and front.

It’s safe if nothing lands on your feet.


To be fair, whether you’re wearing shoes or not, if you drop something on your feet in the gym it’s going to hurt.


I’ve been lifting in Tai Chi shoes. I bought them cheap because I was living in China at the time, and they have a flat, hard sole that means they don’t absorb power you need for lifting. At least my pair does.

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If you squat with a wide sumo stance, then you might not benefit from squat shoes. People often prefer a flat shoes like Chucks if they are using a really wide stance.

I am by no means a squat expert. I’ve spent years pretty much avoiding heavy squats, and I’m only recently getting back to working on my squat and am learning to front squat. I have really excellent mobility BUT now that I’m doing a lot of deep squating and OH squats with the Oly lifts, the squat shoes really help me keep my spine neutral, especially when I’m balancing a BB overhead.

The wider/ firm platform of a squat shoe is better than your narrow natural foot if you’re trying to have a stable surface for deep squatting with a more standard or Oly type foot placement, IMO.

I have noticed a huge difference after trying to take Oly classes in Chucks.

I still like to DL in Chucks or barefoot.

Alan talks about squat shoes a bit at about 2:45 into the video.

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did not know there was more than one, i got the adiPowers they are on MSRP for 179$ now

Yup then those are probably the adipowers.

I’ll see how well the Adidas Powerlifts hold up. I notice a lot of more experienced people go up in price. I do see the Powerlift .2s around my gym a lot. And the Adipowers on more of the advanced people.

One guy does walking lunges in them. I don’t know how he can stand it. They aren’t made to bend. Once I’m done with Oly lifts or squats I change back into something more comfortable.

Maybe he just likes the added height from the raised heel. I’ve gotten to the point where by I can just about do anything in my Adipowers. That being said, I don’t own a single pair of soft soled shoes.

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To the OP. Just a head’s up. This may not happen to you, but I developed some anterior knee pain after getting my new shoes. It’s been over six weeks now and I’ve adjusted and my knees are just fine…

I talked to my coach about it. I wondered if I should try knee sleeves. He assured me that it wasn’t an injury. it was just soreness related to adjusting to the new position/ new shoes. I’m doing a lot of Olylifts and squats right now. He just suggested stretching and foam rolling and tough it out.

I’m doing great now. No knee pain.