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Lifting Shoes: Do They Help?


So our college has a deal to get some very nice lifting shoes for 60 bucks (I believe they're normally in the 100+ range) I couldn't tell you the name of them, but I'll post an update as soon as I find out.

Normally I use high top basketball shoes to lift with, so I'm wondering how much this will help? It seems we do a lot of lifts that I might some use for these in (DLs, Front Squats, Cleans, etc.) so I'm thinking I should get some. That being said I AM on a college budget, so 60 bucks goes a long way for me. I just want to make sure it's going to be a good investment.


They are well worth the money. and for $60 you shouldn't pass this opportunity up. I paid 170 for my latest pair and the prices seem to go up each year. So, better to invest in a pair at a discounted price now. And because you're not going to be walking around in them outside the gym, they will last longer than your other shoes.


Money well spent imo. Last pair lasted for 6yrs and still going strong. I just decided to get a newer pair. Don't walk around in them, only wear them in the gym. They last for years.

Get them at discount! I paid £125 ~ $220 for my AdiStars!



I paid 150 for my IronWorks, well worth the money.

are they like weightlifting shoes w/ a wooden heel or some other kind of shoe?

maybe they are do-wins. A few guys I train with have them and love them.


Totally recommended. Front squatting in proper shoes is another world. At that price you'd be silly to pass them up.


I'm another person who loves Do-Wins.

It would definitely be worth the money.


fOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE Do-Wins, is the heal height the same on both? I have only seen one pair and the heels were about 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch different. I have seen the same thing in the VS athletic Shoes. It was almost worse in the Do-Wins.


They are on mine.

That is really odd that they would be different.


switching from my new balance x-runners to a pair of chucks helped so much I was actually surprised. My knees thank me and it alleviated a bit of fear in going heavier as well. The change was even more noticeable doing single leg stuff, talk about a whole new level of balance.


Around next year Nike should release to the public weighitlifitng shoes!

Nike sponore the Chinese team and there are picture of them wearing the Nikes. They look bad ass. I'll probably get a pair or two. Leave a pair at work so I don't have to stash them in my bag to and from work. Maybe leave a pair for the car for the just in case moments :stuck_out_tongue:

They have a red pair and a white pair. My feet always favour Nike trainers and running spikes.



The new Nike shoes certainly look better than the new Adidas. The Nikes don't look much different to regular Nike runners, but the Adidas look like football boots.