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Lifting, Running, Cycling, and the Warrior Diet


Wednesday 3/29
Incline CG Bench
6 sets of 5 at 135, just working on the movement

Power Clean (from floor)
135x5, 3 sets
155x5, 2 sets
165x3, 2 sets
form is kinda shitty and I'm pretty damn weak at these, but I'm slowly getting better

Squats (atg olympic style squat)

Neutral Grip Chins
40x3, 6 sets

a couple hours later, 45 minutes on the elliptical, 3 sets of planks w/45 lbs, 1 min
kettlebell carries, 2 sets, 35 pounds

Thursday 3/30
Ten miles in total
-five miles on treadmill in morning at 7 mph
-five miles a few hours later outside, a bit hilly but pace was around 7 mph
legs just did not feel like moving today

Friday, 3/31

6 sets 165 x 5
2 sets 170 x 5 (all explosive as possible)

5x5, 225

Trap Bar Deads
315x3, 2 sets
225x5, 3 sets (explosive)

Push Press
135x5, 3 sets

around 50 reps total, BW

2 sets of 6

Blast Strap Push ups supersetted with blast strap inverted rows


Saturday was a day off so I just went to the gym, did some bw single leg stuff and some shoulder pre-hab, foam rolling.

Today (Sunday), Ran 5 miles. Legs were still sore from friday so I really grinded the miles out. Lots of hills and uneven terrain on some trails. Felt shitty, but was definitely a beneficial workout. One of the first nice days here so it was great to get outside.


As someone else who runs and lifts, I just wanted to say good luck! I'm fighting a weird foot injury at the moment, which is likely due to the weight gain from lifting.

I'll definitely say from experience that you're going to have to eat an absolutely heroic amount of food to make progress!


Monday, 730 am, one cup coffee
Bench Press
175x3, 6 sets

DB Over head Press

BB Rows (reverse grip)
135x10, 3 sets

DB Rows (each rep from the floor)
100x10, 2 sets

Kettlebell Triceps Extension
30x12, 3 sets

Blast Strap Inverted Rows
BWx10, 3 sets

Blast Strap Fallouts
BWx15, 2 sets

Strict Hanging Leg Raises
BWx12, 2 sets

5:30 PM, 5.75 mile run (i have a garmin gps)
Average pace was just under 7.5 mph. I was kinda pissed that it was so slow but I always forget that the campus I run on is one hill after another. I have to keep that in mind as I'm running outside now that weather is nice. My legs were dead during the run and it was another grind out run like Sunday but it was definitely a beneficial run.

Ate around 2,000 calories at dinner in accordance with my warrior type diet. Three massive salads with veggies, mahi mahi, beef, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, pasta, and salad dressings. Could have eaten little more but my blood sugar was running a little high so I did no want to over do it.

6 hrs of classes and two solid workouts today. Long but good day!


Tuesday 5 pm, ran
2 miles at around 7:15 pace
then did 4x400 @ ~5:30-6:30 pace

Didn't have a huge amount of energy but legs felt pretty good.

Ate a huge amount at dinner, probly just under 2,500 calories. Got my glycogen stores full for the lift tomorrow.


175 for a bunch of singles

Snatch Grip Deads (explosive)
135x5, 6 sets

Box Squats
185x5, 4 sets
225x3, 3 sets

BW Chins

In the afternoon went on a four mile ruck in the woods with a sixty pound backpack. It was really wet and muddy so it was alot of fun, definitely a good workout.



Ran 10 miles. 8:30 pace
Ran 6 miles, then took off my shoes and ran 3.5 miles barefoot on the track. Barefoot felt so much easier to run biomechanicaly speaking. Then ran back to my dorm with shoes on to get the last bit of the 10 miles.
Was not tired at all. Noticed that despite the fact that my blood sugars were perfect all day long. I was in ketosis. Didn't eat much so that's probly why.


165x5, 5 sets
170x5, 2 sets
175x5, 2 sets

Squat (narrow stance)

Push Press (killed my wrists)
145x5, 2 sets

Snatch-Grip Deadlifts (w/straps)

Blast-Strap Pushups
4 sets of 12, BW

I left chins, inverse rows, and core for tomorrow. Blood sugar was running a little high and was tired.


Sunday 6.25 miles

Ran down the one mile hill that I live on, then ran around the town for a couple of miles. Took a break before I ran up the giant hill. Sprinted for 1-2 minutes up the hill then walked for a minute. OK run. Could have been better but legs were still a bit sore.


7 AM-Lift (No food, just a diet pepsi max before the workout)
Bench Press
175x3, 5 sets
185x3, 4 sets
180x3, 1 set

DB Overhead Press

Reverse Grip BB Rows
ended up hurting my lower back a bit although they definitely hit my lats and upper back

DB Rows (each rep from the floor)
100x10. 2 sets

Face Pulls
80x12-15, 4 sets

Purple Band Pushdowns
3 sets of 25, one hand, single band

Blast Strap Fallouts
BWx12, 3 sets
-I realized my form sucks on these.I can definitely feel it on my core but I want to improve my form for these.

Strict Hanging Leg Raises

4 PM-Ran 6 miles
This was a great run. Ran at or above 7.5 mph for the whole run and there were plenty of hills.


Tuesday 6 miles
Ran through a really cool park with some awesome terrain. Run felt great but the huge hill towards the end of the run to get home was rough. Would like to get better at hills. Running outside these days on campus with all the hills will help me with that.


Ran 10 miles at 8:27 pace. Legs were a bit in the mud but otherwise felt pretty good.

Bench (felt like i was throwing the bar. felt really strong)
165x5, 5 sets
170x5. 2 sets
175x5, 2 sets

275x3 (Ive squatted this much but not going down as low or with as good a form. Semi-PR)

Push Press
-could have done more but wanted to save some energy

Dead Hang Pull Ups
-did a bunch of sets of anywhere between 8 and 10

Snatch Grip Deads
225x3, 6 sets (explosive. really focused on popping the hips at the top to help with my cleans)

Blast Strap PushUps supersetted with Blast Strap Inverted Rows
4 sets of 12-15

Planks (45lb plate on back)
1xsixty seconds
1x50 seconds
1x45 seconds

Cable Crunches
high rep


Sunday-Ran 3.75 miles in a half an hour on the treadmill. Then ran 5 quarter mile repeats at anywhere between 9 and 11 mph. 5 miles in total.


Shitty weak as far as energy, motivation, and blood sugars were concerned. Benched Monday, then hit a PR with the power cleans by hitting a couple singles of 185. Ran a hard 10 miles thursday. Friday (today) bench felt good and did singles for the squat (275,285,& 295)


Sunday-7 miles

Monday 7 am, 5.5 miles
Monday PM, Bench 185 for sets of 3 additional upper body work

Tuesday 6 miles

Cleans 185 for some singles
Box Squat 155 for sets of 3, speed
Bike and elliptical in evening

Thursday-9.5 miles (really slow)


Bench 175x5, 5 sets
165x5, 4 sets
235x5 (2 sets)

Trap Bar Deads

Dead Hang Pull-Ups

blast strap pushpus and Blast strap inverted rows



last week was sick so training was absolute shit.
Did squats on friday but could barely get 275 for three and deloaded on on the bench. Also did Barbell Deadlifts for the first time in a couple of months. Worked up to 355 for a single then did 315 for 5 singles.

Sunday 6 miles at 7:30 pace

Monday AM 5 miles recovery pace 7:30-8:30 pace