Lifting/Running After Surgery?

My surgery was successful and surgeon saved 100% of kidney function but after 5days of my surgery I was discharged and came back home, on the 7th day I had internal bleeding from my kidney with urine leakage as well. So on 14th Jan they inserted a stent and catheter to relieve my kidney pressure so my internal bleeding and urine leakage can stop. Now next week they will remove my stent and catheter after doing a CT-scan.
Doctor advised strict bed rest after my internal bleeding.

That’s why I am really scared of lifting weights again because I dont want to suffer that extreme pain and internal bleed.

I would appreciate if you can share your experience of after surgery weight lifting and running exercise. Thanks!



People return to lifting and running after surgery all the time, but in the case of something life threatening, you’re probably best to follow your doctor’s instructions. If they say strict bed rest, I’d go with that and wait for them to clear you for physical activity. Once you’re cleared by the doctor, I wouldn’t feel worried, but still take things slow.

Good luck!