Lifting Routine

I apologize if i’m posting this in the wrong place for I just started using this website. But I have a question, Would it be advantageous to instead of Benching on Monday and Squatting Friday. Bench heavy Monday morning Squat heavy Monday around noon to evening, And repeat that on Friday? Any answer would be appreciated, thanks.

There is no reason why you can’t train upper and lower body in the same session (or day if you want to split it) multiple times a week. Generally speaking, increased frequency and volume is better. You just won’t be able to do massive amounts of volume every day, but you don’t need to. There are obviously many examples of lifters who train each lift once a week or use an upper/lower split and make good progress, but that is usually better for people taking steroids because they have longer muscle protein synthesis cycles.

I’d agree with what chris said, only thing I’d add is that (IMO) it can get hard to go heavy for both movements in the same session, so maybe go heavy squats followed by medium bench on one day then reverse it the other day? Just an idea