Lifting-Related Book Recommendations?

The title basically says it all. I wanted to read a few gym sort of related books as a change from what I was reading last and wondered what you guys thought was worth buying and reading.

The only catch is I’m only looking for e-books at the minute, preferably from Amazon. I’d love to buy 5/3/1 Forever but unfortunately with shipping to the UK it comes out too expensive.

Everyone, regardless of goals, owes it to themselves to read “Powerlifting Basics: Texas Style” by Paul Kelso (RIP). Paul is an amazing storyteller, and his ability to craft parables in the book with relatable and enjoyable characters tricks you into learning some really cool things about lifting. I make it a point to read the book once a year, and every time I do I pick up something new.


Dinosaur Training, anything by old time strongmen (Hackenschmidt, Hepburn, etc), The Vault by Dave Tate, and Paul Carter’s book, also Jaime Lewis’s Destroy the Opposition was good too.

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@T3hPwnisher thank you, I like the sound of that and I’ll definitely look for it.

@oldbeancam I’ve been tempted to buy dinosaur training books before but he seems to have made a few, all for several pounds each, do you have any in particular you recommend? I’ll check out the others too, thanks.

He has multiple? I know he has different Dino files and such, but I would just start with dinosaur training. It’s just that. It’s a lot of filler, but a lot of good gems in there.

The Swoly Bible by our man Dom Mazzetti is a must have.

@oldbeancam it seems like he’s split the original paperback into three e-books. There’s volumes 1-3 if you look on amazon and then I’ve seen an overhead press and arms book too but they’re all over £5.

@mr.v3lv3t haha I don’t think that’s the sort of book I’m looking for but I used to watch him on YouTube.

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Ah, I didn’t know that. I just have the original paperback. I like his blog too and read it quite frequently as well as chaos and pain’s old blog articles.

I wasn’t aware of those, thanks I’ll check them out.

Paul Carter’s Base Building is a good read


Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel

From the Ground Up
Never Let Go -both by Dan John

The Strongest Shall Survive -Bill Starr
Iron Mind:Stronger minds,stronger bodies -Randall Strossen

Not books but Charles Poliquins Question of strength series here: full of anecdotes, overblown nonsense and nuggets of gold in equal measure…

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Ha! Looked that up on Amazon - looks comical as hell.

Thank you both.

It’s great if you understand satire! It’s essentially just the script to a bunch of his YouTube videos, which I can’t recommend enough if you’ve got 10-20 minutes to kill and need a laugh. Just don’t get into the comment section for obvious reasons.

For other fun reads, “The Complete Keys to Progress” is phenomenal, with a very enjoyable author and a set of characters. It’s TINY font, so in the 200+ pages you get a LOT of reading.

“Super Squats” is another classic read. Caution; after reading it, you WILL find yourself doing the program. I totally read it just to see what all the fuss was about, and after I was done with it I already had a program set up and ready to execute. It’s that motivating, and the history of the iron game it shares is super fascinating.


Thanks I’ll have a look at those too. I’ve currently added all the others to my amazon shopping list and it’s just a case of which to read first. I’m gravitating towards Dan John’s Never Let Go just because it appears the longest.

K yeh I just successfully wasted 20 minutes on YouTube with that. Funny as hell !

Yep Broscience is endless fun, best not talk about Dom at planet fitness tho :smiling_imp:

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It’d take the entire membership of Westside to drag me back in to a PF!

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto
Functional Hypertrophy Training by John Rusin
Championship Bodybuilding by Chris Aceto

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