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Lifting Raw

What exactly are the rules for lifting raw? Does this cover only things like bench shirts and squat suits or does it also incorporate things like belts? Just want to know for the future and to expand my knowledge.

A belt, wrist wraps, and knee wraps may be used in raw competition.

This just depends on the federation. A strict interpretation held by at least the 100% RAW fed allows only a belt as supportive equipment. I do not know of any feds that do not allow a belt in raw competition. Other feds (I think NASA is one, but I could be wrong), allow knee wraps and wrist wraps in their raw divisions.

Thanks, this helps alot. The one that I was really wondering about was the belt.

You really just need to check out the federatons and their sites. Here’s the link to NASA’s basic rules: http://www.nasa-sports.com/rules.htm

They allow single ply gear, including denim. No canvas, and no briefs that extend beyond the waist.

Most of the time “raw” is considered to be everything except bench shirt, and squatting/deadlift suits.

Knee wraps/belt/wrist wraps are all for safety purposes. I wouldn’t ever go heavy without them.