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Lifting Progress and Heavy Bag Work


Quick query:

I like to do a lot of standing barbell work, a la Dan John's articles. I vary my rep scheme and am now doing a sort of Waterbury/Pavel inspired schedule(not that I'll get in to that right now).

What I was wondering is that due to scheduling problems, I like to do hit the heavy bag right after lifting, and I'm a little worried that that might undo the progress I make with the lifting if I train in this fashion.

Any comments? Advice? Related experience?


I think they call it analysis paralysis. I am as guilty as anyone of this... Hmmm, if I do hill sprints Monday, will I be recovered to squat on Wednesday.

I say just do it. You will adapt to just about anything.

Brooks Kubik has a piece in his DINOSAUR TRAINING book about a young untrained guy forced to work in a lumber camp for a year at the point of a gun. After the first day, he wanted to die and the foreman with his sidearm was the only thing getting him back to work. There were no chainsaws, no engines of any kind. Meaning he had to do all his work the HARD way... EVERYDAY.

The point was that he came back 20-30 lbs heavier, stronger and meaner as a result. He wasn't concerned with recovery, post-workout nutrition, frequency etc. He just WORKED. So hit the bag. It's a great workout... You won't be sorry


increase your calories and your body should adapt


You're probably right about that analysis paralysis bit. I guess we all get that way when we read sites like these.