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Lifting Program

Hi, i could really use a new weight lifting program cause the one i’m on now, i’m no longer becoming sore and i need something to not only get stronger but maintain in shape. I’m more of a power lifter you could say, but i also kind of need something to trim some fat off while i work out without having to go running and biking and all that good stuff. Thanks alot, GREAT SITE!!

Uh, you’ve seen/read the FAQ section, right? If not, then do. Check out the articles by Ian King and Poliquin, too.

Sorry, but we don’t have any weight lifting programs here. I don’t know where you would find something like that. I think you came to the wrong site. My advice would be to try Synthol. In a vein.

If your lifting to get sore, you’re no powerlifter. Lift to get stronger. Soreness means nothing good. It probably means you’re out of shape.


one letter, three words…no wait one word, three letters, well its an abbreviation. you want to get sore? you want to trim fat? you want to get stronger? EDT (escalating density training)

Check out the Periodization Bible Part 2 by Dave Tate and other stuff at elitefts.com. Westside liftng is absolutely demanding and could be the ticket for you.