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Lifting Program, Rehab from Herniated Disc

So Oct 2012 I herniated 3 discs from L3-S1 during a deadlift. Took 4 months off gym, and resumed Wendler’s 5/3/1 on upper body. Then resumed squatting and replaced deadlifts with heavy rows and farmer walks (not ideal but it was something).
Whilst on holiday 3 weeks ago I managed to hurt my back again diving. Higher around the Thoracic region of the spine. Hoping its just ligament sprain for now.

Reason for initial injury and this second one I am putting down to weak core strength and tight hamstrings.


I want to bullet proof my back so I can resume proper weight training.
I am thinking of starting a 3X week squatting program.

Day 1: High Bar (Low Weight 12-20 reps x 4) ~ relearning strict form
Day 2: Front Squat (Moderate Weight 6-10 reps x 5) ~ leg strength and abdominal stability
Day 3: High Bar (Moderate-High Weight 1-2 Reps x 20) ~ Putting form from day 1 into practice.

Assistance on each day:
Leg raises
Ab roll-out
Back Extensions

I haven’t had to make my own routine before, but I am sick of injury and re-injury. I need to sort this out otherwise I will never progress.

Please give me some advice/pointers or critique this ad-hoc plan of mine.

Many thanks!