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Lifting Program for Tall Lifters


Hello all, I am new to this site and fairly new to lifting. Until now I have mostly been interested in endurance training and losing weight (I started at 250 and am now 185) and recently decided to fully commit to lifting. So I started googling things and stumbled upon this program that was created by this site for taller lifters (I’m about 6-2’) and was hoping I could get some advice on how it worked for people who tried it or if others just thought it sounded good. Also, I am doing the elyptical for about 20 minutes before the workout as a warm-up, is this a good idea? Should I do more cardio? Less?

Any help at all would be great!


Congrats on the weight loss. I assume your goal is to add size? If so, your diet is going to make the difference. That is a good program though.


At 6’2", you don’t “need” a specific tall guy training routine as if you were 6’9". But Lee Boyce does have several other article with tips and tweaks for exercises and training methods that can be useful for taller guys with longer-than-average limbs.

20 minutes of cardio isn’t a warm-up, it’s a workout. If you’re going to use the elliptical before hitting the weights, cap it at 5 minutes or so. Just enough to get blood flowing, core temperature up, and joints moved around. Much longer and you start to tap into energy that could be put into the weight training.

It depends a bit on your overall training plan (the weight workouts), how much fat you actually have to lose, a bit on your diet, and how intense the cardio will be.

Some coaches like to suggest as little cardio as possible, letting the lifting and diet do most of the work. A few 15-20 minutes of steady state cardio (after the weights or on a separate day) usually isn’t a problem, but if you’re going at a higher intensity or intervals, then it’s something to program more specifically to allow recovery and avoid overlap with other training.


There’s no true lifting program for tall people. Lifting weights intelligently and eating ample food works for anyone regardless of height. Taller people generally have to tweak exercises a bit to make the most of them if you’ve got longer limbs. Check Lee Boyce’s articles for these kinds of tweaks and tips.

The only tip I can offer for taller lifters is to make sure you keep your core strong. I’m 6’8’’ and had a long history of back issues until I started focusing on strengthening my lower back and midsection.


Thank! I appreciate that, and yes my goal right now is to add the “right” kind of size. I’m perfectly comfortable weighing about 200 lbs as long as it is in muscle and not fat. When you say diet do you have any suggestions?


Thanks for the response, I took your advice and cut the elliptical down to 5 minutes before my workout. However, on my off days from lifting I decided to still do 20 minutes on the elliptical and core. So I am lifting 4 days a week and doing core and cardio two other days with taking one day entirely off from the gym. Make sense?


Thanks! I decided to add in a weighted core day when I am not lifting. Hoping to build some denser abs.


For some reason only half my post went through last time. Just reiterating what Chris and Fishdog said. At 6’2" I wouldn’t be terribly concerned that your height is a disadvantage. I’m 6’5" and don’t do anything someone who is 5’4" wouldn’t do, with the exception of flat bench; I don’t do that.

You lost 65lbs, assuming it wasn’t by unhealthy means, you should have a pretty good handle on diet. What has been your caloric goal recently? What did you eat yesterday?

I personally have lost just over 50lbs in the last year and am a few lbs from my goal weight. Im currently eating ~ 400 calories under my maintenance on non-lifting days and around maintenance on lifting days. Once I hit my goal weight, I will go to maintenance for a few weeks, then slowly add more quantity to my already clean diet. For example, on non lifting days, I currently only have meat and lots of veggies for dinner. Once I hit my goal, I’ll add a cup of rice. Currently for breakfast, I just have protein and fat, no carbs. Again, I’ll add a piece of ezekiel bread or rice (I hate oats).

In my opinion, for a general guideline, a bulking diet shouldn’t be terribly different than a cutting one. Just the quantity of quality foods. As long as you are monitoring the scale and mirror you shouldn’t get too far off track.