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Lifting Program for Female Friend?


Well first of all I have to say I don't feel worthy posting in here because all of you here are such badasses and I think if I say something ignorant you'll all come find me and make me regret ever posting here.But anyways I was talking to a friend the other day and she was complaining that no matter how much weight she lost she still wasn't "toned" (dammit I hate that word). So she asked me to help her with a program to help her "tone up".

She said she wants to work on her triceps,hamstrings and her abdominals. I know for abs that it's all about diet and she understands that well. But for her triceps and hamstrings I'm at a loss as to what to have her do. I thought about just giving her some basic movements for those muscles but I don't think that will be all that effective and I want her to.

So right now I'm leaning toward giving her Starting Strength and teaching her the big lifts because she's a total beginner and that program is magical for beginners. Any suggestions for something different? Thanks for the help!


Are we that scary? Starting Strength would be a good start. If she's a complete beginner her tris and hams will respond to the basic compounds, but once she's acclimatised she could throw in some dips, skull crushers, RDLs and hamstring curls.



  • on what shes done to lose weight

  • on whether she's "working out" in any way already

  • if you're really 15 years old I wouldnt want you to teach anyone how to do anything, if you don't know what she should do to engage those muscle groups.