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Lifting Post Lockdown

Hi all

First post. Some background - been training about 2 years seriously and doing 5/3/1. 43 years old and 5’ 8 and weigh about 167 lbs. My goals were simple. Squat 3 plates. DL 4 plates. Bench 2 plates and Press 1 plate and see how it goes from there. All the while being healthy, mobile and being in decent shape. Before the lockdown and closure of gyms I had hit these goals on DL, Squats and Press- bench has always been a weakness but I was close.

Well lock down came and gyms were shut for over 3 months. During the lockdown I lost about 10-12 lbs because I experimented with intermittent fasting- just couldn’t eat much being stuck at home. I also did several body weight workouts posted on T- nation- such as the One Band workout, CT’s body weight workouts and BW conditioning stuff like Burpees, Ground work etc. My conditioning actually got a lot better and I felt healthier.

Now I am back at the gym - and while I actually didn’t expect things to be easy I was surprised at how much tougher barbell work has become. This is what I did for 1 cycle.

Jumps and Throws
5’s pro -with one main lift per day 3 times a week. So a 9 day training week. FSL 3 X 5… Assistance 50 reps push, pull, core.
Light conditioning (walking 2-3 times a week)
Mobility (Limber 11, Basic Yoga etc 2-3 times a week)

I set my training maxes low- I would say around 80% but my barbell lifts are now as slow as hell. Shoulder actually hurts while pressing which never happened before. More than anything the the lifts just feel off. I just finished one cycle so its still early days but somehow I don’t feel “in the groove” at all.

Should I just suck it up and keep going or perhaps change my template?

Did you hit your 5 reps for the +1 set.

If you did hit your 5 reps your lifts being slow could just be rustyness? I wouldn’t worry.
If you didn’t hit your 5 reps then lower the TM.

With regards to the pain in the shoulder - no idea.

My plan would be take on an easier template. Get back in the groove again before doing too much. It will only take a while before you’re back to full strength.

Thanks for your response. Yes hit the 5 reps on all 4 lifts quite easily on all weeks but it was a super low training max. Just didn’t feel fluent at all. These are reps I usually would have blasted past.
Agreed with you probably just rust. Thaught 5’s Pro and FSL 3X5 was the base template. Will try for another cycle and evaluate.

If you’re making the lifts with out it being a grind then yeah, I’d just stick to the current programme. You will improve rapidly. Strength tmreturns quiet quickly. Although you lost a lot of weight.

When I say core lifts I’m talking about it from 531: how to build pure strength 1.01. It’s an article from Tnation. It’s the first time I was exposed to 531 so it’s the base off of which I consider everything else.