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Lifting Plan on 1st Cycle


Greetings all,

Next week I am starting my first cycle (DBol/Test) and I was just curious about the actual lifting. Right now a do a full-body routine 3 times a week. Would I increase that to 5-6 days a week? I have found a lot of information about split-body part routines, but nothing about full body. My goal is packing on weight. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank You for anyone that is able to help.



What are your stats? Are you new to resistance training?


And I can tell you right off the bat training 3 times a week is cutting yourself short. If you're going to use steroids then get yourself in the gym 5-6 times a week yes. For this to happen though you will need to scrap the full body routine and start isolating 1-2 body parts each session.



Amongst many others, there is also a guide called "Steroid Users lifting Routines". Top right corner of the screen under the search box. Many avenues to explore here, as this question has been asked many many many times. Good luck and stay safe.


I am full body lifting 3 times now, I will be beginning my cycle next week. I was just wondering if Full Body was a good idea, because it is the type of training that I prefer.


Thank You!


If you think you're pushing yourself to your limits with that routine then I dont see why you couldn't use it. It's just hard for me to invisage any other training split than the one I use, just me being narrow minded lol I hope you've already got a nutrition plan set down. Anyway

Good luck whatever you choose


I change my routine around every 3-4mo and personaly I do very well working out just 3x week. Ive done 2on/1off/2on/2off, then switch to mon/wed/fri.

4 day split I do

3 day split looks like this


On gear or off gear it never made a difference with me besides on gear I have shorter rest periods and much heavier weights. Sometimes would add an extra excercise but the actual number of days training each week worked just fine with me. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with working out eod, although I would NOT train full body, split the body parts.

Good luck with the cycle


I'm 45 and have been training hard since I was 16. Ive never been able to get cut do to my diet and not realizing how important it is, so now I have a very low carb diet and take in about 200mg of protein a day.I do a half hour of cardio every other day after i train. My last testosterone test was 125 , which is very low. I had no gains and was always tired. I have always thought of taking steroids but just never did till now.As of right now My doctor is giving me 70mg a week of Androgel. I feel a lot better and Im getting stronger but very slow. The Gel is a pain in the ass because if you shower you take the dose off until the next day when you reapply. I have spoken to several guys who say ask for the 100mg shot of test a week which would be much more effective as a first cycle will this have a big enough impact any thoughts? I have some other options such as sustanon and winstrol. I'm getting so many different views on Sustanon 250 as far as having a bloating effect. Has anybody found this to be true for them ?as far as winstrol I read that it is great before the summer or for pre contest and I have read its poison for some guys so my head is spinning. Any thoughts ?

My goals are to become stronger and much more ripped and vascular but not to sure which direction i should go.. Thanks


You should really post this in your own thread.

But 100mg test a week is very weak IMO. The standard dose for an anabolic cycle seems to be 500mg/week. If your interested in just test replacement rather than the anabolic side of things then post in the t-replacement section.

Personally I'd stay clear of sustanon, from my own experience it made me very water heavy, which of course fell off a few weeks after finishing the cycle.

I'd suggest test enanthate or prop as a base and stack it with a cutter like winstrol or var.

Winstrol gets a bad rep from a lot of people but personally I think its good, it is mild but if your after vascularity it should help (and its dirt cheap)

Suggested reading: AI,SERM, PCT


Thank You for the input!


My main reason for wanting to stick to a more full body routine while on gear was 2 of my favorite lifts are: The Clean and The Snatch. I find it easier to incorporate those into a full body then into a split.