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Lifting or body for life?

5’10 80kg 14bf 21yrs
Hey, what would I get better results from?
4 nights split lifting + 2 AM cardios.
Body for Life.
I competed last year as a 100m runner but I don’t think I’ll go back to that this year because of last year of collage.
I want to gain lean mass and get a little leaner at the same time Im not totally interested in being fully ripped
but I’d like to see my abs. (now 14% BF)
I have had heaps of trouble with eating. I binge a lot but I m really trying to sort it out. I’ve tryed to make my diet simple to prepare and easy to stick to.

Meal 1
Cup of oats
Protein shake
Flax seed oil

Meal 2
Turkey Sandwich

Meal 3
Turkey Sandwich

Meal 4 (pre workout)
Cup of oats
Proteuin shake
Flax seed oil

Meal 5
Chicken breast

Meal 6
Protein shake

So yeah what would be better?concentrate on lifting or body for life
I have had trouble with eating and motivation but I’ve never given up.
Thanks crease

BFL requires you to lift, does it not? So I don’t know what you mean by do BFL or lift, but BFL has two components: exercise (including weight) plus diet.

If you’re in college, lack budget, lack a good kitchen, etc., etc. BFL is not THAT bad assuming that you’re very strict about food choice and portion control. It may be the easiest and most convenient one for you until you can get your act together.

BTW – I dont’ know what you mean by “I don’t wanna get ripped but I want to see my abs.” I don’t know that many tubby guys with ripped abs.

My hope for you is that you graduate “collage” knowing how to spell ‘college’.


Maybe this was a year art project he undertook. Don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t have to be such a smartass all the time.

You’re right, Brent. I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more of a dumbass from now on.

That’s all I wanted to hear. A bit off the topic but I made a kick ass diarama of Star Wars last night.