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Lifting Once a Week?

FRAT warning:

I was doing Ross’s II program, which was fine for me to maintain weight.

Just before that i got injured right after finishing a HST routine (i was eating about 1500 cals on this) & put on some bulk.

Then i went through a fucked period, I had a friend found murdered, had some family issues, a colleague who covered my shift & got stabbed 5x etc., just kinda went off the rails with food & training.

Stopped caring about both, now that ive decided to suck it up & quit being a bitch, im over weight… and my coaches want down a weight div. lower than we first planned.

Now im eating 2000 cals a day, 40:30:30 PCF, 6 skills sessions at night a week (varying between boxing, BJJ, MT, wrestling etc.) & 3 longer distance cardio sessions & 2 HIIT cardio sessions. Just the S&C i need to add in.

For the record, i work a fast paced office job 0800-1600 Mon-Fri, Bounce 1800-0500 Fri & Sat night + run my own web-based MMA store. I Train S&C before work & Train skills after work Mon-Fri & Sat arvo’s, ill do my weight session Sunday arvo. So yeah, my CNS gets a kick in the nuts & im borderline chronic/adrenal fatigue sufferer. I keep my caffeine for when i need it & resetting sleep patterns.

I got plenty of time to get down in weight, but the sooner i do, the sooner im back in the ring. Cutting is not an option as they’re all same day weigh-ins.

What do you all think of this:

Incline Bench
Pull Ups
Military Press
Power Clean
Standing EZ Curl
Tricep Dips

1 set, 5 reps each.

If you can swing it, I’d say lift early in the AM or on your lunch break (if it’s long enough) on say, a Monday or Tuesday. Then maybe do a 2nd day of strength training on Saturday when your schedule is a bit more flexible.

With all the training and work you’re doing, it’d probably be a good idea to keep Sunday as an off day, just to let you physically and mentally recover from the week.

I don’t know what FRAT warning means, and I also won’t touch your personal and nutritional/weight/sleep problems, cause that would be overkill. Let’s just say you should better assign priorities. You are probably better of to ditch the seemingly outrageously dangerous bouncer job and improve your sleep. And eat more (healthy) stuff.

Please give us some more information;
Regarding your once a week strength training, you do just one set or do you mean you perform some sort of circuit?
S&C = strength and cardio?
arvo= afternoon?
And why don’t you take care of your overweight first?

frat means its going to be a long post…
frat= Fuck reading all that

Thanks Xen.

Schwarzfahrer -
S&C = Strength & conditioning
Arvo = Afternoon (Im Australian, we shorten EVERYTHING)

I cant ditch the bouncer work, i need the $.

My daily diet, Mon-Fri is:

M1 - Berry & protein shake
M2 - Meat & fruit
M3 - Meat, veg (broccoli, cauli & carrot usually, no starches) & nuts
M4 - As per M3
M5 - Egg, protein & greens shake

I have not started the program yet, ive got a shoulder injury at the moment, i plan to start in 2 weeks, i just want to get everyones thoughts together first, in case i scrap the idea. And as for the workout, nope, no circuit work, just 1 set per exercise, aim to fail on the 6th rep & move (crawl) onto the next exercise.

I know fighters arent meant to train to failure, but im trying to get the most out of it.

Sorry, i should have added in the original post i get a 30min nap in every lunchtime.

OK, so let’s look at it in a matter of fact way:

You are looking for strength on the sunday session.
You are on a caloric deficit and want to lose weight.
You are a hard training guy and face lots of stress.

So my recommendations are:
You have enough impact from your regular training, along with the caloric deficit, to ensure that you’re gonna lose some fat.
So, there is no use for you to “crawl” during the strength session. Focus on form and technique.
Since it’s hard to really get stronger with all your background information (lots of training, 2K KCalories, one session per week), focus on fewer lifts with more sets. 2 antagonistic 8x3s (like, chin up and Military press, or clean and press) are, in my opinion what you’re looking for.
Ideally, you should fetch yourself a training buddy.

Stay sharp-

Thanks Schwarzfahrer, i appreciate your input.

Thanks Schwarzfahrer, i appreciate your input. Im going to post a thread on the normal forum too, see what the members who dont come across here have to say…

BTW, a popular powerlifting forum gives this advice:

Program For Those Who Can Only Train Once Per Week

Choose a maximum effort exercise (floor press, 2,3 board presses, incline or reverse band press). Switch them weekly. Then perform top end work, between rack lockouts or 4 or 5 board presses. Then low end work, 3-5 sets of 8-12 of dumbbell flat, incline or floor presses. Then finish off with intense lat work.
You have ignored this user.

You should cut way back on the training. You probably suck anyway. If I was over there I’d give you a beat’n…

Damn --X–, i should quit now then & take up profesional baking.

Thanks for you unchallengably intellectual input.