Lifting on Valium

Hey guys,
It’s been awhile since I posted last. I was on my way to my first solid year of proper training when I had a mental breakdown of sorts. Long story short, I have a panic disorder that decided to flare up and really got my brain chemicals out of whack. The past 4 months I’ve been on a slow road to recovery. I was out of the gym for a full 3 months because I was simply too nervous to go.

Anyways, I was put on diazepam (generic form of valium) and I’ve been feeling pretty good, so I decided to get back to my passion. I had a good upper body session today, but a few hours afterwards, I started to feel very strange. I became very unfocused, wasn’t able to multitask while preparing various things for my dinner, had trouble keeping a train of thought and felt detached from reality. After I ate, I continued to feel this way and became nervous and on edge.

Now I’m thinking this might be due to the fact that lifting fatigues your CNS, and with a CNS depressant already in my system, I just hit a low. Anyone else have experience with this same situation? Has anyone managed to lift while on valium or any other benzodiazepine?

And yes, I am going to speak with my doctor about it, but I figured I’d put it up here too. Anyways, I can anticipate my doctor’s answer… which would be “don’t lift”, and that’s not helpful.