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Lifting on My Day Off

So I’m currently following a program that I designed myself and I find that I am desperately wanting to workout on my day off. My question to you is what could I do today at the gym that won’t conflict with what I am already doing below? I don’t anticipate this being an ongoing thing, just some assistance type stuff I could do on my days off occasionally to satisfy the urge to lift. Today would be Day 2.

Also, I do appreciate critiques of my routine (although I am getting pretty good results) but I am mostly looking for ideas about extras to do on my day off. I have used many programs designed by the coaches here with some being successful and some not.

Day 1 -

Front Squat 5x5
Neutral Grip Pullups 5x5
Seated Rows 3x8
Decline Bench 3x8
Barbell Curls 3x8
Calf Raises 2xFailure

Day 2 -

Off or 20 min. HIIT

Day 3 -

Deadlift 10x3
Flat Bench 10x3
Bent Over Rows 5x5
Arnold Press 3x8
Tricep Press Downs 3x8

Day 4 -

Off or 20 min. HIIT

Day 5 -

Front Squat 5x5
Neutral Grip Pullups 5x5
Overhead Press 3x8
Preacher Curls 3x8
Calf Raises 2xFailure

Day 6,7 -

Off or 20 min. HIIT

Rest, you grow outside the gym.

I like it… Simple. But still hitting everything. Just one piece of advice from my own experience, I tried something very similar to what your doing and I injured myself after about 4 weeks cos the weights were jsut too heavy too often. So maybe have one light, one medium and one heavy day and alternate them over a 3 week period or plan to back off for a while after a few weeks.

Oh and maybe switch front squats to back squats on one of the days. Unless you don’t have access to a rack.

It looks good tho. Just bust ass and the gains will come!

Thanks for the advice guys. I know I need to rest on my days off, that’s why do well on 3 full body workouts a week. I guess I just get the itch to get in the gym sometimes.

As far as the light, heavy, and medium rotation to keep from getting burnt out - I know that could be a problem, but I only recently got serious about sucking it up and squatting. Two ways for me to do that were to start with front squats (which I enjoy more) and to do them more frequently so that they become more of a habit like the rest of the lifts are.

I appreciate the advice.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I like your program. Don’t fall into the trap though - take the day off. I ALWAYS failed to stick to rest days, so I hindered my progress. Now I use insulin so I can train 6 days / week with double training sessions on 3 of those days ;)[/quote]

I hear you…that was my problem for a long time.

Check out Chad Waterbury’s “Perfect 10” article. It specializes one or two muscle groups in addition to your normal training program.