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Lifting on Gear

I am 38 and on my first cycle of dec and test (1cc and 2cc respectively per week for the next 4-6 weeks). Looking for a jump start on those last 3 inches on my waist.
I have been in the gym for the last 10+ years and have done best working out 3-4 days with a day in-between off.
I upped my diet and always work out with the utmost intensity. I work each and every muscle till its friedâ?¦My day starts with 8-10 miles on a mountain bike in the dirt, the gym for 2 body parts and 15-20 minutes of cardio (elliptical) at the end.

My question is, since the diet is up and recovery should be taken care of by the gear, can I work out every day and still gain gain gain??



Do you want to gain, gain, gain? You would do better by keeping your off days, increasing the work you do on those days, and cutting way back on the mountain bike and elliptical.

Or do you want to lose 3" off your waist. If so then keep the aerobics, but don’t expect anything like maximum gains while losing fat rapidly.

The main goal is fat loss…this time around… of course I would like to make as many gains as possible… you know, the magic pill syndrome.

OK, Ill go to the gym every other day and keep with 20 mins elliptical after every work out and 8-10 miles a day biking 5 days a week.

Anyone else??



To just add to BR’s input. I believe the thinking behind his recommendation to keep the off days is to stimulate growth in as little workouts as possible, that way you stimulate growth, yet have the extra calories from the days off to help with the calories needed for repair/growth.

If your main goal is fat loss - i personally am a fan of training/exercising as often as recovery allows. But i would do cardio on the off days too… i am a firm believer that one can train every day or 6 days of 7 for a set amount of time (if planned de-loading periods are implemented) - i believe that the theory that one can’t train everyday came from the misconstrued point that a muscle needs 72hrs to recover.
Firstly this is generally applicable to a new trainee - but secondly, with training splits for the resisted training ensuring no same muscle is over trained in 2-3 days, and with a nice vareity of (generally very repetitive) cardio-vascular work there should be little issue training a good 6 days a week.

So if you do 2 on, 1 off for the weights - which IME is plenty of a highly trained and chemically assisted person - then you could do cardio on the days you train - either post workout or preferably at a dfifferent time of the day, and also add some cardio to 2 off days. This can be lower intensity, in fact i would plan for the 6 different cardio sessions per week to be different exercises, and different intensities… keeping the weights as intense as possible to make the best use of the anabolism and the ‘delayed’ calorie burining effect from intense exercise.

This is what i would do - and what i would advise a fit and experienced trainee to do. :wink:

Thanks for the input… I will give it a go!