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Lifting on Game Day

I’m a football player/wrestler in a PE weightlifting class. I’ve got JV games every Thursday. I’d like to not have to lift on game day, but the rule in my county is that if an athlete doesn’t participate in PE class on game day, he can’t play. So if I don’t lift I’m not allowed to play. What should I do on these days? Obviously I shoudn’t go heavy or do leg work. I’m wondering if theres anything I can do that will loosen me up and help me stretch out, while not tiring me out.

That’s a really crappy predicament you’re in. I’m surprised your school doesn’t make exceptions for athletes who have to compete that night.

If I were you, I would spend a lot of the time strecthing and maybe doing a very, very very light “circuit”-type workout for your upper-body which wouldn’t really zap your anaerobic resources and would be more of a conditioning-type workout. Then make sure you get a nap in when you go home before the game.

Tell your gym teacher to lick your balls, you’re here to play football!

You have to be in class and I don’t know what you would do if you weren’t participating. Don’t work hard that day and if you have to record numbers or something, just fudge em. The day after the game, Fri., you’d be well served to do some light sets of 20-25 reps to kickstart your recovery.

Oh, and if you aren’t starting, you’d better be lifting hard on game day so you can start one day!

What county in Maryland do you play in? I played in Montgomery County.

My varsity football coach is the weight training teacher, and even he makes the football players lift on Fridays. I just do some really light, ass-to-the-grass squats to work on form, then some dynamic bench presses. It might not benefit me much, but it’s better than slowing myself down during the night.

I just got back from my game, we won 7-0, played a tough game but could have done alot better. Apayne, I also play in Moco and I play for Poolesville.
During weightlifting I did some light benching, jumped some rope with our rb and wr, did some dips, and a few sets of crunches. I also went ahead and did some preacher curls.
I’m starting lt on oline and I’m on second d as dt.

3 sets of 2 60% power clean
3 sets of 1 70 - 80% power clean

4 sets of 2 70-80% power snatch.

This will heighten your nervous system so much before game day you will be lighting people up like a christmas tree. I did this before a game in college and never felt better. If you have pulling blocks, do your 3 sets of 1 power clean from the blocks to just get the hip dominance. Take your time between sets and don’t over do it.