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Lifting Odd Objects -- My Wife


I've seen several articles that recommend lifting odd objects like sandbags and kegs. I don't have access to these objects--live in a fairly small apartment in NYC. But, I do have a 100-lb. wife who enjoys being lifted. Any recommendations on how to lift people as odd objects?

I imagine this sounds a bit peculiar but we have fun doing it.
I've found success with:

(1) Hug and swing-- I hug her around her waist and lift her about a foot of the ground gently swinging her back and forth. Difficult because hard for me to breath in this position.

(2) 'Over the threshold'--Lift her like carrying a new bride over the threshold of a new home. Tires out the arms

(3) Sleeping wife dl -- She falls asleep on the floor and I lift her up to go to bed. I can DL 305 X 5 but lifting her is still pretty hard. Getting arms beneath is most difficult.

Feminists be aware that my wife enjoys this activity also.
Though I doubt many feminists read the T-Nation Beginners thread.


I HAVE found that walking upstairs with a 130-pound woman wrapped around you is a decent leg workout.




...was not intended to be serious


Best yet, your wife is adjustable! As your mesocycle continues you can have her gain weight as accomidating resistance! As an added benefit she will be even more "oddly" shaped.



Try to hug her, lift off ground and turn 180 degrees. Now its her turn, or you can just keep doing it. We do this in Muay Thai for conditioning and strength endurance, great move.

You can also drag her. while she is sitting on the ground "hook" your arms under her armpits, lift and drag. Much like youd see firefighters drag people from a house. make sure she keeps her body limp, it will make it much harder.

You can also lift and shoulder her, alternate sides. This one gets tough. Limp body = harder.


Hey, that might be the ultimate odd object to lift.

She can kick her feet or arms or wiggle around making it that much more difficult.


The famous "lift & tickle"?


Well, if she doesn't agree to gaining weight perhaps I can lift her while she's lifting. Have her grab a couple of 10lb weights and put her on my shoulders. She'll start curling while I squat. Or I could have her lie in my arms, stiffen up and then start bench pressing.


For some reason I just can't see my girl giving me any other answer than NO! if I walk up to her and say "Honey the guys on T-Nation said to lift weird objects, do you mind?"

Maybe I should buy a big dog?


I'm not sure if your at all serious about lifting your wife but it is actually a great idea. I like doing squats with her on my shoulders, I try to curl her, do military press, bench press and just plain carries are all tough and a great work out.


I give my girl piggy back rides while walking the dog for GPP. Fun stuff.


try doing a push press that should blast your delts


I do actually lift her quite often. Was serious about that---though thought it would be amusing to post. My wife and I were joking about putting together an entire exercise video about 'person' lifting. Humorous but beneficial. One other really hard lift: overhead press when holding her by the waist--do it laying down for a challenging BP. Watch out for those knees!


to add to the difficulty on the hug and swing....call her by a different womans name and see how long you can hold on.


This doesn't apply only to men lifting their women.

My wife has gotten noticably stronger using some of CW's routines and she can now wrap her arms around me and crack my back, when she couldn't about 5 months ago.

She loves the fact that she can lift me now (185lbs), and she's getting more difficult to wrestle with.


tie a bag of onions around her neck and ankles to get some added weight


How do you get to finish your workout?


I Curl people all the time

No seriously when ever i drink i seem to ask people if i can squat them and then they get on my back and i do 10 reps hahaha


this has to be the funniest thread i have ever seen lol lmao shud be a sticky.