Lifting Natural in Multiply?

Anyone train with multiply gear naturally? I’m looking for some advice in terms of how to avoid problems with overtraining, tendonitis and the like from anyone who has experience.

Thanks for the input folks

I do. The joint pain is something thats hard to avoid in my experience. Mine is mainly just my elbow. I did not write my programming for my first multiply meet, I felt beat up, but nothing I couldn’t recover from. What is your programming like now? Conjugate?

I had a separate day for each of the 3 lifts, then an accessory day. Basically I didn’t work over 90% without reverse bands but a few times. As long as you are getting enough sleep, eating well, and doing all you can to recover I don’t think you should have a problem.

I think one of the biggest taxes on your body from multi-ply is the fact that you can instantly add huge lbs to your lifts and this hurts your joints.

I’d worry less about using and more about housing fish oils, circumin, etc…

I lift multi-ply natural. You have to limit the volume you do in your cycle at the 90%+ (of your gear max) range, otherwise your joints will start to take a beating. When I handle over 500 in a shirt for too many weeks in a row, my elbows and thumb bone really starts flaring up. Same with my low back if I put 700+ on my back a couple of weeks in a row. I find that I have to do a lot of work in the 75-85% range and quickly peak before a meet. Taking some glucosamine always helps a little. The team I train with uses the block periodization system, which I find to be great for multi-ply. When I train for a RAW meet I like to do more volume at higher max percentages, but it doesn’t beat up my joints since the weight is considerably lighter.

I lift natural in multiply, though I am a bench-only, and I find it is the volume that I can’t keep up with. Intensity doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

I use full-range shirted reps in the 90-95% range for ME (Basically working up to opener and seconds if I’m feeling good) weekly for approximately 3 months, and then take a week off. If things are hurting too much I’ll throw in a slack workout, but that is usually only about 2 in 12.

Of course nobody else I know trains this way…but it works for me.