Lifting Music

Just curious – what’s everyone’s favorite music to lift to?

John Denver!

Olivia “I’m about to bizounce”. Yes!

n’sync…they piss me off…

H IS ORANGE! SAM NELSON! That’s Rick’s son. He rocks hard! Yeah!

Some threads never die… Recently, Rammstein, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Linkin Park and I just discovered crazy speed metal HC electronic freaks called Atari Teenage Riot - Draz, Audi TT; take a look at their work, you’ll be amazed…

the 80’s station… i can’t wear headphones when i lift, and i have just gotten used to it (over the speakers in the gym)… and it’s better than the ‘pop’ station!

Rammstein-excellent german band.Check them out, especially Mein Hert Brennt song.

The music has to have rage in it :slight_smile: and its got to get me pissed as hell! … current mp3 mixes… DMX, Megadeath, Metallica,Eminem,NIN,Godsmack,Dr.Dre,NWA… just to name a few…

I’ve had good workouts while listening to Rammstein. I picked up the new Judas Priest (without Rob Halford) CD and it’s pretty heavy. It’s always great to put in Metallica’s And Justice for All every once in a while. That music can drive me pretty wild.

When I’m sqauttin’ the bar is so much lighter when “Les Slyphides” is playin’. Why, I jus’ skip through the workout.


Anything with RJD or Iron Maiden,
Ramstein and Metallica is good too.
I’m really happy had a really good workout today just switched to a hard core gym where the owner likes music with some energy in it.

peace Thomas

Rammstein (the new album, and the Live in Berlin album), Rage Against the Machine (they pump me up even hotter in the last 2 weeks), Skinny Puppy, Rob Zombie, selected Tool, Frontline Assembly (Hardwired and Millenium), early punk Bauhaus, POD, Downset, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop.

So u all wear CD players on your waists to listen to them CDs then?

I wear my discman in my back pocket most of the time. Not a good idea when doing box squats though.

Tool, Godsmack, Metallica and Soundgarden would be a good start.

Stooges, Radiohead, RATM, Chemical Brothers, Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Hendrix

Pantera, Godsmack, Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Rammstein… and anything else that’s hard, heavy and just has rage flowing from it.

Silence is golden… other than the clang of metal and an occasional grunt. If I had to listen to music, Beethoven’s 9th is great, so too is Wagner’s flight of the Valkyries, Orff’s Carmina Burana works too… basically good powerful classical music gets my juices flowing more than the metal (unless it’s Jimmy Hendrix!). Unfortunately my gym plays techno crap at an ear splitting level. In between that and listening to gay men flirt with one another (no insult to the gay community intended, this just happens to be the majority of the male members of my gym) and drink frapacinos and talk on their cellular phones while pretending to perform curls (at the squat bar of course or even worse, at the power rack where I do all of my work) or doing whatever silly exercise they perform at the Smith machine is enough to raise my anger levels enough to blast out new PR’s every max effort workout… God I wish I lived closer to the LA Lifting Club… but I digress :slight_smile: