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Lifting Music


Anybody have any favorite albums or songs that they always listen to the help pumps them up?

Personally any Metallica does the trick for me.


AC/DC Back IN Black always does it for me.


Slipknot,Mudvayne,Hatebreed,Tool,and some old school death metal like Deicide,and Morbid Angel....always gets me pumped!


Pantera, Testament, Soilwork, Mudvayne, In Flames and anything
that's HEAVY. I can't lift seriously when Justin Timberlake is playing
in the speakers at my gym. I have to have my metal.



Already been done to death


This kind of thread comes up every few months or so. So what? You might have something worth listening to pass your way.


I quite like Boney M, Villiage people, ABBA, Steps, Wham, Spandeau Ballet - you know the kind of stuff - makes your dick go limp when you hear it and you can actually feel the T being drained from your body! :slight_smile: Hehehe

When they play that shit in the gym, it is a real test of concentration!

This time of year - Christmas Carols!!!


Who cares. Lift and the rest is not important.


I agree with Jeff,what is wrong if a thread like this comes up every few months?New music comes out all the time,and i would have never started listening to Hatebreed had it not been for one of these threads a little while ago...


Every few months is one thing. This was done like, two and a half weeks ago. Regardless, it should be done in "off topic".


Dave, seriously.

Hatebreed is the shit when it comes to lifting music. It's like they put a combination track of all the memories of people fucking you over with a motivational speech about how you have to rise above that. Which would be cool, in and of itself, but then they put the cherry on top by putting the lyrics to the hardest rocking metal-hardcore combination.

I don't use it every workout, though, because it would be overkill (plus, no matter how much you like a band, you get sick of it). Plus, I have a weird sense of humor (I couldn't stop laughing when I went to the Slayer show I saw last month) and I'll start laughing about things like "Vengance is mine" because they just start sounding goofy. I mean, I'm lifting weights, not slaying Huns. So I have to rotate.

Other favorites: System of a Down, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, Wu-Tang Clan, Rollins, Metallica... and for more down-tempo/cardio workouts, Jurassic Five, The Wiseguys, and super-lame Euro Techno (like Blumchen). Plus, I have a special place in my heart for Van Halen.

Wow. Sorry for the long post. I promise to stop now.

Dan "This Spirit Can't Be Broken" McVicker


Honestly, I like to lift to silence (no heavy metal at the college gym), because when I am listening to music of chicks groaning and I suddenly pop a boner during a dead lift.... cries

I am so glad I'm working out at home more often.


Yeah Dan i hear what your saying about Hatebreed,Slipknot does the same thing for me because the vocals are just angry and that projects into the music so it always makes for getting pumped up....The gym that i have been at for the last few months is run by a husband and wife team in their mid-40`s so they honestly keep this oldies station on!! Not that i have a problem with blocks of the Beatles but there is a time and a place for that....


Rob Zombie's newish CD. The one with Never Gonna Stop on it. That song is pretty good, but there's some other really good shit on that CD. I'm also liking some of the Powerman 5000 stuff.




Hardcore gangsta rap is my favorite for lifting.