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Lifting Music to Focus & Push Your Limits


Hey, what do people listen to down the gym, or pre-gym to focus and push them towards their limits?

Linken Park, Any hard D&B, daft punk, some bassline rap


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Depends on my mood, and if it is a "smash a fucking new 3RM" day or a "hit 12-20 reps focus on the mind muscle" day.

Lately has been a lot of Disturbed, Jeezy & TI. Black Album once in a blue moon, and Five Finger Death Punch if I'm feeling sullen and withdrawn.


I listen to whatever the gym has on the radio. I could really care less. If I did bring an mp3 player with me I'd put some Mozart on because its the only music I know of that has been proven time and time again to increase focus. If you're going to be a stickler on diet and training and take it seriously why should music be any different?


Lately, nothing. I wait until our Studio is empty, then shut it down and just think about the lifts and only the lifts.
It's helping me really make the connection and push past my limits.

Unless it's an energy systems day, then, like beans said, Five Finger for the win. - Side Note, I love Bad Company, and when I heard Five Finger was doing a cover, it made my day. If you haven't heard it yet, I recommend it.


Post some youtube videos for me! Geeze! Its like...in the rules or something...




E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii

Pretty much any angry shit by Jedi Mind Tricks


FFDP kicks!


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THIS! Gets me pumped.


TBH,I always thought that when I get my Itouch,im going to blasting Metallica all throughout my workout and that was that. I was going to kick ass and take names. Oddly enough,when I did listen to them..it was boring. Repetitive. It all the same. Last friday when I put on Tiestos Podcast and it was the best workout I ever had. I wanted to bust a nut because every song was so energetic and positive and I had alot of fun.


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Freak On A Leash does it for me every time. Can't argue with Five Finger though. I'm not big into the screaming drum plagued metal though. I usually don't even pay attention to the music playing unless it's deadlift or squat day.


Ok andrew here are a few that i love.


Mozart Mozart Mozart
no offense but this is hogwash. Whenever people refer to serious ''classical'' music it's Mozart. Mozart is NOT special, if anything it's fucking weak. It's not gonna help you focus cuz the music is so rich and the guy wears a wig.

this is so ignorant I can't believe it
I bet in your mind you have regular good music, the hits everyone unanimitely chose from a pool of pop songs before that the radio airs it because it's the most popular (=the best)
---then MOZART who is everything in classical music (btw it's called savant music, classical is a courant from 1750 to 1800) that no ones listen to but is really good because everyone say so.

I want to see those studies. The premise is dumb anyway. If there were some studies done about this that means this fucking myth is so widely spread even the scientist who are supposed to be smart people thinks Mozart is really special. How do they get subventions to do these studies. Who is dumb enough to give those subventions. Why do they do these studies. Are they trying to get some sort of degree to gain social status. Who will believe these bs degree --- everyone


Five Finger Death Punch...Trivium...Lamb Of God...All That Remains...Bullet For My Valentine...Pantera...As I Lay Dying...Godsmack...Metallica...Killswitch Engage...Hatebreed....Anarchy Club....Slayer...those are probably my top gym bands, all that shit just gets me going!!! Anyone else really into Trivium?? i think their Shogun cd is insanely awesome



GOOD ONE! Do you know any more like this? Electronic music that's good to work out to?


They play the crappiest crap in the whole world at my gym. Intolerable bullshit that's useless to anyone ofver 14. I have to drown it out with something