Lifting music that makes you ANGRY

My workouts are always MUCH better when I workout to music that makes me mad as hell. So for the past few months, I’ve been listening to a combination of Pantera and Rob Zombie, which has worked DAMN well.

But after listening to the same songs a few hundred times over and over (literally), I’m getting pretty sick of them…

Any suggestions?

That is all.

Disturbed. Drowning Pool.

Makes me mad? Reba McIntire. Celine Dion.

Oh, you mean mad as in ANGRY? Sorry.

Slipknot, Sepultura, soulfly, soilwork, shadows fall, Slayer, Static X, Fear Factory, Coal Chamber,Inflames, American Head Charge

godsmack, fear factory, hatebreed, soulfly, sepultura, pantera, old metallica, sevendust, intensify, korn (older), snot, mudvayne, POD, slipknot, SOD, taproot, white zombie.

yeah…that’s some angry shit.

Steele, Tool? Tool is happy PWO music for me. I second Drowning Pool; Slipknot, Soulfly, Rob Zombie, and Snot are ok.

Rollins Band (The end of silence and Weight are the best), If I’m not wrong Henry Rollins power lifts. His spoken word c.d.'s get a good laugh too.

Clintpatty: You are wrong.

DEICIDE!!!that is some angry,santanic shit that gets me pumped!! Also Slipknot,Pantera,and Mudvayne

Suicidal Tendencies – kinda old school, but they fucking jam. I don’t like most of the new crazyass metal… its just too much for me.

You Can’t Bring Me Down – bitchin tune. Coolass guitar. Check it out on kazaa or something if you’ve never heard it.

I mostly like to listen to hiphop when I’m training though… I like the beat.

Speaking of Henry –

I think I have a copy of this article Rollins wrote about training and life and shit… its pretty cool. If anyone wants to see I’ll post it later on…

A band called Nevermore. The album The Politics of Ecstacy is probably my favorite albumn to lift to and one of my all-time favorite albums. A punishing, relentlessly heavy album.

“You want the good life? You break your back-you snap your fingers you snap your neck!”

Prong= Snap Your Fingers
Pantera= Shedding Skin, Walk, This Love, F’n Hostile, Becoming
1000 Homo DJ’s

punch yourself in the dick a few times a la squatty, before each set. that outta get you pretty pissed.

Culture Club, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me. That Boy George really fucking pisses me off.

I’m totally with Steele on this one. While every now and then I like to listen to something like Pantera or Slipknot while I lift, I’m completely happy just listening to Tool. I don’t need the music to get me “raging” in order for it to get me pumped.

Hears a little love ballad from limp Bizkit
Quite graphic, but makes me angry and push harder. Heard it?

gimme the mic

hold up it?s the motherfuckin? concrete
suicidal nightshift loaded with a vice grip
poppin? all you copies
who keep waterin? down shit
thinking you can rap with that artificial outfit
your baggy pants and bottle of crack hits
fuck all of that shit
fuck all of you posers
let go of the mic kid
step into a world that you?ve never seen
when i?m fiening for a microphone
i?m a microphone fiend
bring on the motherfuckin? cutthroat,
territorial piss off
spit the deadly and ready for lift-off
who?s getting their shit tossed?
is it the one kid running his mouth
that he?s sucking his thumb with?
you?re damn straight
i?ll put it right in ?em
no anti-venom for the buck-buck
see a world that you?ve never seen
when i?m fiening for a microphone,
i?m a microphone fiend
give me a motherfuckin? mic y?all
give me a mic y?all
give me a mic so i can rock it right y?all
i?m out of sight y?all
i?m out of sight y?all
i?m out of sight when i?m blowin? up the mic y?all
you know it
you know it
hold up, check out the motherfuckin? tv
same song, same bands everyday, fuck that
i?ll blow those motherfuckers away, you wantin?
to hear some heavy ass metal that can
penetrate deep into your ear drums?
turn it up, motherfucker
turn it up, motherfucker
turn it up and step into a world that you?ve never seen
when i?m fiening for a microphone, i?m a microphone
it?s a crazy crazy world playing crazy
crazy shit on this crazy radio, I?m really sick of it

Some of Tool’s stuff can get you pretty raging, though.

Opiate, Aenima, Undertow…fuck, they’re all good.

TOOL all the way, with some metallica and megadeth in there too

nobody said ill nino???

for me, ill nino, slipknot, vmob, limp bizkit ($3 bill era), kid rock (devil without a cause), linkin park, eminem, and dmx (and then there was x + ruff ryders anthem)

but i generally get the same workout listening to some house music. i just ask myself if my opponents training harder than me right now