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Lifting Makes You Stupid

I am a student at KU, and have a friend majoring in Psychology. He came back from class today with some allegations that his highly respected psych. professor gave his class. His professor said that aerobic exercise is best for you b/c it first elevates the systolic blood pressure to about 150 mmHg then lowers it to about 120 mmHg during the workout, a great stress reliever and healthier for you than anaerobic workouts. He then said that anaerobic workouts, such as power cleans, elevate your systolic BP to about 300 mmHg, and at this pressure blood vessels start bursting in your brain and killing off neurons. From this the professor said that anaerobic lifting over a period of time will make people stupid.
Now from what my friend has told me about this professor is that he is highly respected, and knows his stuff. But, it seems slightly unfounded to me that he would make the allegation that lifting would make people stupid over time. Granted that what he stated probably happens, but I don’t know to what extent and how many neurons it actually kills off. Does anyone else out there know about this or have other insight on the topic? Also, from what my friend gathered during the lecture there have been no studies to support what his professor said.

My opinion: the professor is making excuses for being small and weak.

me lift heavy stuff and me no stoopid

Well, it would explain my posting over the years…

MBE: “9 out of 10 dentists don’t know who the hell he is!”

Do YOU think you’re getting stupid by lifting?

Finally…an EXCUSE!!!

Sorry, what was the question? :wink:

Uhhhhh…I think the fact that we have some of the smartest people in their respective fields, posting on this board, writing the mag, and hosting the website, kinda disputes the professors claims.

Just another example of a 140 lb. propeller head giving out ridiculous training advice. Then again maybe he’s right, my spelling is atrocious and I suck at calculus, but I can lift heavy things. There must be a correlation their.

This is anecdotal evidence, but i know a lot of PhD’s in science, math and engineering who are at the top of their field and are damn strong. One guy that i saw in my lab’s gym was doing one-handed pullups for reps and reading a physics journal between sets. This guy helped me (in two minutes) improve my power clean by 5 kilos.

I think that this prof was compensating for something, probably a lack of funding (or maybe something else :slight_smile: ).

This is TRUE! And it’s also the basis of Tim, TC, CS, and the T gangs master plan to create an army of brainless, mindless automatons to take over the world!..or at least 3 or 4 top dog strip joints. This is why we are inundated with strength training articles telling us to lift HEAVY. Well, I have this to say to the T-mag staff…i like to pick up heavy things and then put them down. So I guess I’m ready.

If your professor is correct, it sounds as if he’s been lifting for a loooonnnnngggggggg time.

Just remember, “professor” and “idiot” are not mutually exclusive and thankfully not collectively exhaustive in regards to the human race.

And I must renege on a previous post. Monkey Boy, would you please get this professor’s email address and let him know that he can terminate his existence?

hey thats interesting, i also heard that bodybuilding makes your dick shrivel up!

 Sounds like HE's got a burst vein in his brain. 

 He could be right though. In which case I'll pick balls, courage, determination, discipline, ability to fight for what you believe in, over inteligence any time. Sorry, but true.

Jared, I am glad to read that you’ve accepted and embraced my stance on self-induced post-birth abortions. This professor fellow is an excellent candidate for terminal self-pwning. Failing his desire to comply, we could always hire some local ruffians to beat the ignorant fuck to death with a brass cane or sizeable portion of petrified wood. They could take pics and post 'em.

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You may well find it helps to focus on keeping your knees wide and pushing on the outside of your shoes, is your stance wide enough?

It is imperative that you pose this ancient puzzle to your mentor.

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Well it does raise your BP but only for a split second or else your body wouldn’t be able to handle it and that would happen, the figure I have heard have actually been alot higher than that, that your blood pressure gets spiked when your squatting for exmaple. I have heard alot bigger numbers than that but its only for a split second usually on the concentric portion of a compound lift. Sounds like that physch is making your professors brain cells go down. what an idiotic thing to say.


Hmm. Training advice from a Psychology professor. He’s probably of the same limp-dicked liberal crowd that reads the Journal of the American Medical Association for gun safety advice.

Besides, the last sentence of the opening post said it all - there have been no studies to support this.

Conversely, are we to believe that aerobic training will make stupid people smart? Or the smart, fucking geniuses? At the university that I attend (for my masters in philosophy I might add) I know at least two people that engage solely in aerobic activity (i.e. no weight training) who are as dense as fucking rocks. If this professor is accurate, then I have just made a million dollars in the infomercial biz-“Cardio for smarts”.