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Lifting in the AM or PM?


Well just recently, ive began to workout in the mornings around 6 am because im a basketball player and i do drills after school and stuff.

Working in the morning am or in the pm does not effect your results right? i know its a dumbass question but like when i work out in the mornings then i stretch upper body or lower depending wut day and in the afternoon maybe after basketball, id feel a bit tired. but it still means im gaining right cus i do go 100% in the weight room in the morning.

btw, stretching right after a workout is good right because uve put pressure on the muscles alrdy and u need to losen it up, itll still make the same gains?


I read once that most people are primed for energy and muscular growth at mid-day. I noticed when I work out after noon, that I can get in more work, and the intensity is greater, than if I lift on a relatively empty stomach in the morning.

I’ve tried training at all times of day and mid-day is best for me. If you don’t have a choice (and it sounds like you don’t) you’ll just have to work out when you can.

Don’t know about stretching after a workout. I don’t do it, but know people who do.


Red Grammar: Don’t do it.

If you’re young enough to fail at spelling that bad, lifting in the AM or PM won’t matter. Also, statically stretching a muscle after a workout can aid in recovery. I’m not sure how, exactly, but it’s something I’ve felt enough to put into practice.


My morning workouts have suffered. I lift at 7 AM, M-Th. I try waking up a couple hours early and getting lots of carbs and water. I used to lift a lot less in the morning and fatigue a lot faster, but better nutrition and hydration have my lifting nearly as well in the morning as in the afternoon…like 90-95% as well.


I lift between 11AM-1PM.
I always have a lot of energy and my workouts go more smoothly because of the lack of people in the gym.
I don’t stretch after workouts. I might start though if it is helpful.


I’m the same as bluefingas- between 11am and 1pm.

It’s mainly because the gym is fairly empty at that time.