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Lifting In Prison



some crazy strong criminals :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow!!! Helluva vid! Thanks for posting!


Somebody else posted that exact same video earlier today


I thought their benches would be stronger. mid 300lbs to low 400lbs seems kinda light for guys that big.


Interesting vid. Thanks for posting. Some big dudes.

BTW, it made me think about the pros and cons of allowing prisoners to lift. The pros seem to be that for most of them, it is a positive influence in their lives. But the cons are that some of these men, when they get out, will use this strength to harm others. I would be interested to hear what others think on this topic.

Also, there always seems to be some irritating guy screaming about Jesus...


Well in prison all they really got is survival, training, food and either jesus, alah, or buddha to keep them company.

And I'd say it matters little if at all whether they train and get strong. If they plan on hurting someone when they get out they will do it with or without big squats and benches. Most violence happens with weapons, which predominately involve no muscle.

And prison in theory isn't supposed to be a punishment but a reform. What better way to reform than to lift. I'd say if anything it purifies the mind and give them an idea that they can change themselves for the better. The irresponsible criminals likely don't lift because they are the same "the world owes me some shit" assholes in there that they are out here. And those guys don't really muster up the balls to do stuff that requires dedication or drive, they want instant gratification.

Intended re-offenders will re-offend with or without lifting. strength isn't worth 2 dicks in a world of guns that can be bought at walmart.

I think they should be forced to do some activity so they don't cause a drag on the health care system when they get out.



You have to give these guys credit on how they lift. They're going way deep on their squats and actually doing real bench presses instead of bouncing a bar off of their chests and calling it a bench. Almost no one lifts like that in my local gym.


They actually took the weights out of the prisons in California some years ago due apparently to the inmates getting too strong. A little ironic given our current governor.


True, but the reason the lifts shown are legit is because they were shown lifting in a prison powerlifting meat.



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damn they didn't show DLs


They do on the actual show. A few guys were pullin 600+.


I agree 100%. If the prisoner doesn`t want to workout, then they should be working, doing manual labor. The worst thing that the system can do, is to allow the prisoner idol time to sit and think of devious things to do, which is the very reason they ended up in prison in the first place.


ya..i was waiting for it, ay place to find the rest of the show??


420 bench with a pause at 220. That's good if you ask me lol.


It is pretty good. but I have seen 20 year old guys when I was in college doing that.

I don't consider myself very strong and I can bench mid 300's with a pause.


I agree with Chris. You can bench 100 lbs. but still buy a gun and shoot someone. People who want to commit another crime will do it if they lift weights or not.


The entire argument that they shouldn't lift weights is all due to intimidation. People fear the guy who has arms as big as their head whether he is a criminal or not. Add in the prison time and most of them are shitting their pants just from the idea of it. It says more about the people who oppose it than it does the prisoners.


I am of two minds on this.

I think prisoners should be breaking rocks or doing other manual labor all day rather than getting jacked and watching TV.

I also understand that prisoners need something to look forward to and make them feel like human beings.

This video showed prisoners on their best behavior so they would be allowed to compete in powerlifting. This is not quite the same as lifting in the yard.

These guys are probably model prisoners compared to the rest of the prison population and as such I do not begrudge them access to weights.


The argument I've heard is that guards don't want to have to physically control or subdue guys who are jacked. Frankly, I don't blame them. Who needs that added to an already tough job.